Oh Mexico, It Sounds So Sweet with the Sun Sinking Low


Our cruise stopped in two different ports in Mexico.  The first was Progreso.  For the record, there are two or three Progresos in Mexico and this was NOT the one on the border.  It was, however, a different world from places like Cozumel and Cancun.

When we were planning the trip, I perused message boards to find the best things to do in Progreso.  I figured that we could ride a tour bus into town where we'd find some shopping and then meander on down to the beach.  While on the boat, though, we decided to book an excursion and ended up doing the Coronoa Beach Party.


For two reasons.

First off, OPEN BAR.

Second, Progreso is . . . well, like I said previously, it's not Cozumel or Cancun or any other crazy touristy place.  It is Mexico.  Every police officer we saw (and we saw several) was armed with a machine gun.  Honestly, I wouldn't have felt safe if we were "on our own" and not with the excursion. 

Our tour guide was a guy named Alan and he was awesome.  He and the driver of our (air conditioned) charter bus took us on a little tour of the city before arriving at the beach.  We were there two weeks ago today.  As we drove around the tiny little town square, we saw people putting up Christmas decorations.  Yet it was nearly 90 degrees outside.  Alan informed us that it was winter there and most of them thought the weather was cold!  I KNOW!  To me, it was Heaven.  I love me some 80's and I love me some beach.

Now . . . Progreso.  It is on the Gulf so the beaches look more like what you'd find in Texas or Alabama than the crystal blue water and sugar white sand of the beaches.  We didn't spend much time in the water.  We mostly soaked up the sun, enjoyed that fabulous open bar, took advantage of their free wifi (!!!!!), snacked on nachos and some super delicious pico, and made friends with a couple there who had the good fortune of being from Arkansas.

I cannot say enough nice things about the Corona Beach Party.  If you ever take a Carnival cruise to Progreso, this is definitely the excursion to book.  It was relatively cheap ($40 per person) compared to other excursions and especially with everything involved.  The drinks were good, the food was good, and the staff was great.  There were different beach games but none of the high pressure "must do this, must do this."  It was just . . . it was great.

Once we arrived back to the port area of we hit up a few shops and I discovered that there is no way I can ever, ever hate on Progreso:
That's right!  Them bitches know where it's at!

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