I'm on a Boat! Well, I Was.


Andy Samberg is totally my guilty pleasure crush.  He's adorable and funny and, well, nerdy is the new sexy.  So it probably comes as no surprise to you that I spent the first few hours we were on our cruise proclaiming, "I'm on a boat!" 

Serious F-Bombs.  You've been warned.

Eddie was all, "WHAT?" and I was all, "I'm on a boat, mother&@*&@!  Take a look at me!" and he was all, "Ummm, DIVORCE."

Anyway.  The first night on the boat, we walked by one of the lounges as they were doing karaoke and guess what the guy was singing.  Just guess.


He was totally singing "I'm on a Boat."  The explicit version even!  It totally made the trip.  Like, I realized right then and there that, yes, this vacation was a good idea and, yes, we picked the perfect ship to sail on.  Because, HELLO, we were ON A BOAT.

Once we really seriously started looking at cruises for this fall, I knew I wanted to take a five day rather than a seven.  For starters, I wasn't 100% the husband would have a great time and, yeah, I didn't want to be stuck in a small cabin on a boat in the middle of the whole damn OCEAN if he was on his man rag that week.  Then, you know, we have small children and I wasn't sure I would want to be away from them the additional two days.  And I went on a seven day a few years back and thought it was just a smidge too long.  It felt like the last days at sea were "Oh Em Gee, are we ever going to get back on dry land."  Only that was 2004 and no one was saying "oh em gee" then.  It was totes an LOL world.

This time around, though, I was kind of looking forward to those days at sea.  You know what's changed, other than internet slang, since 2004?  These things called kids.  I have them.  I haven't slept in, rested, or relaxed since 2006.  And I have the bags under my eyes to prove it.  On this trip, I was going to find a deck chair under the sun, lay my ass in it, and not move until we ported into Progreso.  Well, except for to eat.  Because, you know, that's half the fun of cruising, right?  The food.  And if you've read this blog any amount of time then you arrdy done KNOW there's a food post in the works.

We so enjoyed our days at sea.

The only issues?

One -- it was COLD when we left New Orleans.  Cold! 

I really love the city and I'm starting to get the feeling that things between us are not mutual.  You see, when I was there in February it was the ONLY cold weekend of the whole damn year.  Then I come back in November.  It was in the 80's the day before we sailed out.  COLD that day we left.  Cold, cold, cold.

I don't have the photography skillz to have really captured the sunset but, gahhh, it was beautiful.  Love this city.
By the next morning, the boat had made its way into the Gulf and it had warmed up quite a bit.  And I finally got to enjoy some sunshine and R&R on the deck!
Yes, we were totally those suckers who spent more on PICTURES than we did on the actual CRUISE.

The evening of our first full day at sea was "elegant night" where everyone pulled out their evening gowns cocktail dresses and tuxedos nicest button downs (more things have changed since 2004 . . . )  Eddie and I haven't had professional pictures of just the two of us taken since the fifth of never so we had some done by the ship's photogs.
I love this one!
I don't love this one.  I look constipated, we're too posed, and Eddie is wearing his "that's mah beyotch" face.  My friend Cat said, on Facebook, that it looks like romance novel covers.  Got that right.
Other things that have changed since 2004?  My ass is gone and has afixed itself to my gut.  Fabulous.

All in all, our time on the boat was GREAT.  We laid in the sun, we shopped, we ate, and I even took a nap every.single.day.  That's what you call bliss my friends. 
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