Thursday Things


1) The good news: the Razorbacks play in Little Rock on Saturday and guess who will be there? THIS GIRL!

The better news: I'm going to the game with Storme. I haven't seen her since my birthday! (Y'all don't even understand. That's five months! A tragedy!)

The bad news: the predicted high for Saturday is 60. Kickoff is at 11. Vedddy chilly for tailgating!

2) Jaidan attends a Title 1 school (they are considered a high poverty school because more than half the students qualify for free/ reduced lunches and, therefore, receive federal funding via No Child Left Behind to improve performance standards). Because of the Title 1 funding the school was able to host a "Reading and Social Studies Night" Tuesday evening. I took both boys and we had so much fun! They had various fun activities centered around things like dinosaurs, polar bears, the Revolutionary War. The boys had a blast -- and I even enjoyed it too!

3) J was recognized for "excellent conduct" at the kindergarten honors program yesterday. I'm so proud of him!  I was really, truly, honestly worried about his behavior.  Let's just say he wouldn't be getting any "excellent conduct" awards at home.  But he's done amazing thus far in kindergarten and I'm so proud of him I could just burst into ten bazillion tiny pieces.

So, at this honors ceremony. They called J on the stage and I noticed his shirt was tucked in the front but not the back. Then when I got home I realized my shirt was unbuttoned and gaping. Winning! A family of fashion fails.

4) My husband and children want a dog.  I do not.  I don't have a problem with dogs except that they smell.  And poop.  And shed.  And chew up stuff.  And I also have four children and a husband to take care of.  And they go to the doctor more than children and while I'm sure there's pet insurance to where you don't have to pay all those vet bills at once, I doubt it'll be covered under Obamacare.  And it's probably pretty pricey.  ANYWAY.  The other night Jaidan was being all, "what will we name our dog?" and "I know!  But if we DID have one."  and "Oh, come on, just tell me a name!"  So I named off Chandler Bing (Chandlaaaaaaa Bing!), Zach Morris, Jack MacFarland, a few others.  He finally agreed to Danny Tanner. 

And now I kind of want a dog just so I can name him Danny Tanner.  But then I'd also have to get an Uncle Jesse and a Kimmie Gibbler.

5) I understand that having "stuff" doesn't equate with happiness. But, dang, does shopping not give you a bit of a high? I picked up some fall clothes last week in an effort to feel better about the changing seasons. Of course, it's been 85 this week. Hmm. You think if I shop for fall merchandise weekly then it'll stay in the 80's? And how do you think my husband would feel about that?

6) Donald Trump needs to just sit down and STFU. Can this man not go two minutes without the spotlight on him? Media whore. Imma start referring to him as Donald Kardashian.

7) We got Jaidan's school pictures back yesterday and

I know I'm biased - extremely - but is that kid not just about the most handsome kindergartener who ever kindergartened?  Gah.  The handsome.  It kills me.

8) So Furby is, aparently, THE toy of the upcoming holiday season.  As I posted on Facebook the other day: are we back in 1999?  And, if so, may I please have back the butt and boobs I had then?  Kthanks.  By the way -- luckily, my children are either too young or too uninterested to want a Furby.  Woo Hoo for Team Superhero!  Oh, and as long as we're bringing back old toys -- how about the Light Bright?  Best.toy.ever.

9) I hate - hate - the new(ish) Chuck E. Cheese slogan.  The whole "everybody says cheese is funner" thing.  Funner may 'technically' be a word but it sounds stupid and like bad grammar.  I tell my kids all.the.time that I hate the commercial because it's bad grammar and "bad grammar makes the Baby Jesus cry."  I was singing the song yesterday (I KNOW!) and Jaidan yelled, "STOP!  Think about what you're doing to GOD, okay?"  That kid.

10) This e-card:

Reminds me, in a weird, way of traveling to New Orleans earlier this year.  We heard the lovely little ditty "Rack City Bitch" and my friend Tina said, of the rapper, "I bet he likes to cuddle."  Dead.
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