Jaidan's birthday party was Saturday, bringing out birthday season at our house with a bang.

Six months until we have to deal with another birthday celebration.  Holla!

Now that birthday season is over, it's time to start focusing on the holidays.  What're the kids going to be for Halloween?  How much am I going to complain about trunk or treats taking over good old fashioned fun?  Which one was the house who gave out full sized candy bars lastyear?  Are we going to  Arkansas for Thanksgiving? Staying here?  BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING.  What the heck are we getting these kids for Christmas? Should I buy a new tree this year? Send out Christmas cards?

Normally I'd already be playing Christmas music (when Eddie's not home to make fun of me, natch).  Normally I'd be all OCTOBER and PUMPKIN (okay, okay so I'm totally all PUMPKIN).  Normally I'd be like "HELL YEAH.  Election in a few weeks and I can like my Facebook friends again!"  Normally I'd be so happy all my shows were back on.  Normally I'd be basking in the cooler weather, planning a trip to the pumpkin patch, and making ghost and spiders out of my children's hand prints.

This year, though, it's just not happening.


I'm not even into football as much as I usually am.


Please don't get me wrong.  I still love me some college football and I'm all about my Razorbacks (we've won two games in a row, ya'll!). 

But.  I just can't let go of summer.  I realize it's already long gone.  I wore a hoodie to take Jaidan to school this morning.  People have already pulled their boots out (assholes.  It's not that cold).  We had our first hot chocolate of the season a week or so ago.  The leaves are changing.  Halloween stuff is everywhere and Target has even started putting out their Christmas decorations.

Can a girl just get an 85 degree day and a pina colada?

I don't know if it's because I had a pretty epic summer and don't want it to end.  Or maybe it's because we weren't home as much this summer and there weren't as many trips to the spray park or lazy afternoons spent in the [kiddie] pool with popsicles.  Maybe it's because Eddie and I still have our cruise to look forward too (we'll be in Mexico one month from today!) and I'm thinking it'll put the exclamation point on our summer.  I don't know.  It's only October, though, and I'm already ready for next June.

By the way: feeling a major case of deja vu and thinking I've written this entry before.  Which just goes to show just how much I can't let go!
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