It Happened This Week


Yesterday was Jaidan's birthday party.  It was our first "big" birthday party (more than just family) since he turned two.  Man.  I am EXhausted.  I'll write more about his party sometime this week but let me just go ahead and tell you.  Those bounce house things?  They are no joke, my friends.  NO JOKE.  I jumped in one for all of, oh, sixty seconds and felt like I WAS GOING TO DIIIIIIIE.  Oh.  Collapsed lung.  Owwwww.  My stepdaughter also got a hold of my phone and took pictures of me jumping.  Most unflattering pictures in the history of ever.  Lesson learned: bounce houses try to kill you and make you look awful while they do it.

Our week:

I hope she loves to sweep this much when she gets old enough to do it correctly
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