Thursday Things


1) The other morning it was about 70* when we set out for our walk. And Kyan informed me that he should've worn his coat. Yeah. The whole thing made me think that maybe I needed to start a #southernpeopleproblems meme. But then I remembered this BEST PIN EVER and realized that somebody pretty much already has:

There are not adequate words to express how much I love this or just how motherlovin' TRUE it is. The fact that they're holding milk and bread? *Dead* I can even overlook the fact that homegirl is sporting an Alabama shirt!

2) Speaking of rammer jammer yellow hammer blah blah Alabama ... Those of you unfortunate enough not to be well acquainted with the world of college football may not know that they gave my Razorbacks a hell of a beating the other day. They made bacon out of us fo' real. I think even the most dedicated of Hog fans knew we'd end up with an "L" but no one expected the ass whoopin' the Tide dealt us.

As a result of our (second in two weeks) national embarrassment, I something on Facebook that disturbed me.  Humongously.

Some asswads are hoping Pete Carroll will fail so miserably as coach of the Seahawks this year that we can lure him away from the big leagues to ... Fayetteville, Arkansas. For starters, Pete Carroll is too much of an arrogant pissant to ever end up at Arkansas. And second, I HATE THAT GUY! I have since the crybaby forced a split national championship the year USC - who everyone knows doesn't even play in a REAL conference - was edged out of the national championship game by two MUCH BETTER teams. Again, I HATE THAT GUY. 

3) Eddie and I booked a vacation (just the two of us) the other night. Seeing as it took us the ENTIRE EVENING - and I missed Parenthood (thank you, sweet baby Jesus, we live in the Age of the DVR) just to book, I'm no longer sure I want to go with him. Oh, I totally want to go. It's just the 'with him' part I'm feeling all stabby over. #marriedpeopleproblems

4) I am o-fficially back at my pre-DC vacation weight! For all the traveling I did over the summer, I really didn't gain THAT much weight (6ish pounds?). I expected to lose it faster. Funny how weight doesn't just fall off when you sit around eating bacon cheese fries and develop an affinity for Lay's Stax Adobadas flavor.

5) Speaking of weight -- overall, I weigh about 10 pounds less than I did this time last year. Know what the difference is? I've (almost) completely given up sugary sodas. I still have a Coke very, VERY occasionally but I've been pretty much coke-free in 2012.

6) Since I've devoted the past two paragraphs to weight and weight loss, lemme just go 'head and tell you: next weekend I plan to eat my way through Sin City. Watch out, Vegas buffets! Brandi is coming!

I can't wait until that magical age where I don't worry about getting fat and I'm old enough to feel comfortable with heart disease, high blood pressure, and all that (because if they don't take me something else will, right?)

7) My Instagrams a day for the week:
9/13 - Table
9/14 - Pirates
9/15 - First thing I see
9/16 - Strange (that many socks from someone who lives in flip flops nine months out of the year)

9/17 - In my fridge
9/18 - Price
9/19 - Underneath

By the way, you should follow me on Instagram.  @Brandi1010  It's my latest social media addiction of choice.

8) Since it's election season and all, I reserve the right to get political for a minute here.

So, the other day on Facebook (of coursse) I saw something that basically said, "somebody told me they weren't going to vote for Romney because he's not a Christian.  So they're going to vote for the Muslim instead?"

Then my head exploded.

Dude.  Mormons consider themselves Christians.  Obama-the-Muslim was sooooo 2008.  And even if neither one of these men were Christians does it REALLY MATTER in a nation where we have separation of church and state?  Oh, and thinking that all Muslims go around blowing up shit is akin to thinking all Christians are Westboro freaks.  Mmmkay? 

I'm so ready for this election to be Over.

9) See this guy?
I posted his picture on Instagram the other day.

This asshole.

He is my nemesis.

He parks right at the end of my street every single day when school gets out.  Why is this a big deal?  Because I happen to live RIGHT BY THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  I have to go past him every day when I'm walking my kid - who happens to LOVE overpriced ice cream - home from school.


By the way -- when did ice cream man quit being that friendly looking guy in a truck and start being the chester-looking asshole in a kidnapper van?

10) I pinned this yesterday and have been singing that opening of both songs EVER SINCE.  Since I can't seem to make it stop, I'll subject you all to it.

Dum dum dum dum da dum dum . . .

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