It's Good for the Soul


How about a confession post for this beautiful Friday?

1) I bought something from the Kardashian Kollection the other day.

In my defense, it was on sale ($50 to $14.99 with an additional 50% off). Oh, and also? Shut up.

2) So I'm married to one of those types of men who believe "the bigger the better" when it comes to their women. He would be deliriously happy if I'd put on about 20 pounds. When we booked my Vegas ticket, he told me - since he knows me oh so well and knows I go into full on beast mode before a trip - that he didn't want to see me on my bike at all. I've been trying to avoid the bike when he's home. Not because I think he can tell me what to do when it comes to my body/ exercise but because I didn't want to listen to his nagging.

The other day he told he he was going to get his haircut so I hopped on the bike and was happily peddling the calories away. I heard a car door, looked out the window, and that jerk was back home after no more than 15 minutes! I quickly jumped off the bike, tried to take my shoes off and put my shirt on (I was in a sports bra) at the same time. He walked in the room just as I pulled my shirt over my head. He must've wondered what the hey hey was up in Crazytown.

3) My girl had a tiny bit of a stomach bug earlier in the week. Nothing too bad. Just enough to make her a grump-a-saurus Rex and totally zap her appetite. I gave her extra cuddles and snuggles. Both because she needed them and because, well, I could use the appetite suppressant part of that stomach bug ...

4) I let my kids walk to school the other day dressed in shorts and flip flops even though it was only 68 degrees with a north wind. (I'm pretty sure this could be added to my #southernpeopleproblems meme). I felt like an asshole for not checking the weather. And we were running late so we didn't have time to go back in and change. Mother of the year.

5) Truth: there are blogs I read purely for the snark factor.  Oh, you know you do it too.  I stumbled across one the other day and, at first, I was all "PLASTIC SURGERY ATE HER FACE" and "HER HANDBAG COLLECTION COST MORE THAN MY HOUSE."  But then I got to reading it and goshdarnit if I don't LIKE this chick.  Judging myself.  Totally judging myself.
6) Since I'm confessing blogger related things, I'll let this text message do the talking:

Disclaimer: I do not hate Kelle Hampton as, with the exception of Pete Carroll, I don't make it a habit to hate people I don't know. I am ragingly jealous of her though. I am ragingly jealous of anyone who has that much free time to edit photographs of their own feet.

7) I'm suddenly wondering if this entry is too bitchy/ mean.

8) In the event of a bitchy/ mean blog entry the best thing to do is bring up something pleasant.  What's more pleasant than NUTELLA?  I am trying not to eat any junk/ high calorie food until I go to Vegas (trying to do the whole preventative maintenance thing with the scale.  Oh.  And I'm working on a theory that what I eat will be even more mouthgasmic if I throw down on oatmeal and rice cakes the week before I go).  So sometimes I let my kids have Nutella on their breakfast waffles or toast JUST SO I CAN LICK THE KNIFE.  You know calories totes don't count when it's just a taste, right?  Riiiight?

9) I love the Backstreet Boys.
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