It Happened This Week


Oh, hi.

I've been so busy this week. Busy polishing my MOTHER OF THE YEAR award.

It started Tuesday when I didn't check the weather and the little people were most definitely not dressed appropriately for the temps.  As in, I saw kids with COATS (overreact much, parents?) while mine were in flip flops.  Oops.

Then Thursday rolled around.

Oh, Thursday.

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday.

My kid -- the one who turns SIX in a couple weeks -- the one I broke all blogger karma laws and bragged about this week -- CUT HIS OWN HAIR. Yeah. We managed to make it five years and (quite a bit of) change without one of these jerks thinking they were Vidal Sasson. Now it can be added to the list of shit my kids have done.

Won't lie. I totally lost my shit on Thursday morning when I saw his hair. I yelled. I carried on. I took an upset little boy to school and that wretched bitch known as Mommy Guilt showed up as soon as he walked through the doors without pausing to wave goodbye to me. He always waves goodbye to me. Always. I worried about him through out the day: worry mixed with the whole "Dubya TEE eff was he THINKING." When I picked him up from school, his teacher told me he had been "sad" when he got to school but she told him he was handsome and funny and a good friend, that hair can always grow back and he's such a good person and that's what really matters anyway. In that moment, I wanted to hug her for being such an incredible, sweet, wonderful teacher (and person) for my kid. But I also wanted to kick myself. I was a straight up asshole Thursday morning. What he did was wrong, very wrong, and he knew better. But the thought that I sent him to school so sad just broke my heart. Crumbled it.  Stomped on it a bit.

THEN. Friday rolled around and we left his backpack at home. I had to take him to his classroom - bringing Karis who was still in her pajamas and munching in a (leggo my Eggo) waffle along with - and explain things to his teacher.  Friday wouldn't have been that big of a deal if Thursday hadn't happened.  And none of these would have been much to think about had they not happened ALL IN THE SAME WEEK.

Thankfully, blessedly, next week at this time I'll be sipping endless mimosas and not having to worry about getting a child to school happy, appropriately dressed, and with all needed gear.  Oh Happy Day.

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