I wish I had blogger OCD. You know what I mean? I have no desire to possess the real OCD ... the kind that's life altering and slightly devastating. I'm talking about the kind that bloggers always talk about. "Omg! I'm like totes OCD! I cannot stand for anything to be out of place in my closet!" Yeah. I want that kind if OCD. Or I want one of those peeps to come to my house and have a fit at the sight of my closet and whip into shape.

It's not just my closet either. Pretty much nada in my house is organized. I get the sads just thinking about it. I want to be organized! I do! Reality is, though, I'm a great big hoarder. And if there's a way to be an organized hoarder ... well, I haven't found that pin on Pinterest yet.

I bought some fake Toms the other day. I didn't buy any no show socks when I made the purchase because I knew I had some. Yesterday afternoon, the hubs was in a football coma and the children were occupied. And I found myself with ... time on my hands. Say whaaaa?

I decided to hunt down my no show socks. Once I got started, I went on a full scale organizing spree, just me and mah dresser.


I keep so much stuff! I try to purge a couple times a year but somehow I still ...

Let me give a few examples.

The outfit I'm wearing here? I finally threw out the pants yesterday. The outfit was at least a year old in that pic. And, oh yeah, that pic was taken the day Jaidan was born. SIX plus YEARS and seventy pounds ago. The crotch hung to my knees. Why was I holding onto it?

I also threw out old lounge pants that can remember purchasing circa 2005, a hoodie that I bought to wear to early spring baseball games back when I was DATING a guy that I broke up with in '04, and a couple of nursing bras (yeah, my baby hasn't been nursed in a good two years).

The worst, though ... the socks. I threw out a pair of Tommy Hilfiger socks. I remember buying them. I had a Dillard's gift card with *not much* left on it and ended up picking up the socks to use up what I had left on the card. When was that? NOT IN THIS MILLENIUM.

I can't be the only person who does this, right?  Hoards clothes?  And this junk I threw out yesterday was all just that -- junk!  It wasn't even stuff I could donate to Goodwill or giving away.  WHY WAS I STILL HOLDING ON?

The worst part of all this?  I never did find those no show socks I was looking for.

Now.  One of you with Blogger OCD . . . want to come organize my closet for me?
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