It Happened This Week


So.  The weather radar and weather people let on like Isaac was going to HAMMER us on Friday.  Downpours, flash flooding, tornados.  I normally l-o-v-e love storms but I was seriously skurred to think about bad weather while Jaidan was away from me at school.  Friday morning I did the whole "there's going to be bad weather, nothing to be afraid of, yadda, yadda" with him.  Annnnnnd.  Nothing.  The wind was pretty fierce most of the day but we didn't even have so much as one drop of rain until later in the afternoon.  We had a storm Friday night (that lulled me to sleep before 10:00 #partyanimal) and another last night.  But, for the most part, it seems as though Isaac's bark was much worse than his bite.  I'll take it.

Last year, we spent Labor Day weekend in the Savannah area.  In fact, this day - the Sunday before Labor Day - we were playing on the beach in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  This year, Labor Day weekend?  Sigh.  We spent HOURS yesterday lugging the kids to way too many stores while looking for new sheets, bedding, pillows, etc.  Does that sound like a fun Saturday?  Cause it totally wasn't.  I suppose it worked out because we ended up with a gorgeous new bedding set (that we found on clearance!) that Eddie and I BOTH agreed on.  This is major, folks.  We also found pillows and a mattress cover and sheets and other fun stuff.  Now we just need our new mattress delivered (come on, Tuesday!) and then it's likely I'm NEVER GETTING OUT OF BED AGAIN. 

A little look at our week:

Sunday 8/26:

Monday 8/27:
I feel weird posting pictures of my kids' friends.  It's not such a big deal when it's MY friends' kids.  But when the kid puts on a Spiderman mask then I'm cool with including him in P365 pictures I post!

Tuesday 8/28:
We love when Chili's does Kids Eat Free.
We love it even more when we only have to take two of the kids.
Kindergarten for the win!

Wednesday 8/29:

Thursday 8/30:

Friday 8/31:

Saturday 9/1:
Ahhhh, the most wonderful time of the year.
I feel the need to point out that, despite Kyan's facial expression, he really was happy to be sporting his Razorback Red.  In fact, shortly before this picture was taken we had a FIT because we couldn't find that jersey!
Also, one more thought: Karis's hair, in the humidity, drives ME crazy and she's only two.  I can only imagine how she's going to feel about it when she gets older!

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