It Happened This Week


Want to know what happened the past couple weeks?

My boy grew up.  That's what happened.

Kindergarten was one thing.  It was expected and prepared for and I knew it was coming.  This other stuff, though, notsomuch.

The boy went on his ever sleepover last night.  His first ever SLEEPOVER.  He slept at the house of someone that wasn't a family member!  I'm pretty sure the only people he's ever spent the night with previous to this were related to him.  And I'm also pretty sure I can count them all on one hand. 

Now he's spending the night and has this whole gaggle of little kindergarten friends and tells me not to do stuff because it'll make him look "not cool" and WHERE DID MY FATTEST BABY EVER GO? 

Somebody hold me.

Sunday 8/12:

Monday 8/13:

Tuesday 8/14:

Wednesday 8/15:

Thursday 8/16:
The date is wrong on this one (and the next one) but I was too lazy to make changes.

Friday 8/17:

Saturday 8/18:

Sunday 8/19:

Monday 8/20:

Tuesday 8/21:

Wednesday 8/22:

Thursday 8/23:

Friday 8/24:

Saturday 8/25:

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