So Very Pinteresting


I saw this on Pinterest the other day:

Yeah.  Totally my running theme for Pinterest projects this week.


Oven Baked Meatball Subs - Okay, these are totally easy.  Meatballs, sauce, sub bread, cheese.  Oven until cheese melts.  HOW CAN YOU MESS THEM UP?  Apparently, you can.  Or at least I can.  Because I did.  They were edible and all, I suppose, but the bottom of the bread was soggy.  And, as my friend Brittney said, there's nothing worse than a soggy bottom.  I didn't have much success with meatball sub casserole either.  So I'm thinking I'm out of the meatball sub business.

Eggplant Parmigiana - This is not a food I grew up eating.  But I tried eggplant parmigana at one point and really liked it.  Since making this dish, I decided I must've been really drunk when I tried it.  Ya'll.  NOT GOOD.  NOT GOOD AT ALL.  I was so disappointed because I wanted to love it.  Not only that, but I tried to trick Kyan into eating it (by telling him it was chicken) and ended up with a four-year-old who was pretty furious with me.  And I can't say I blame him . . .

Kid Stuff:

Bouncy Balls - The reason - pretty much the ONLIEST reason - I searched high and low (Walmart and Target both, ya'll) for Borax was to make these stupid balls.  The first time we went to make them I realized I was out of corn starch so we made Gak instead and guess what?  I'm still finding Gak in places you don't wanna find Gak.  Ugh.  I finally managed to have all needed ingredients at the same time so Kyan and I set out to  make these earlier this week.  I'll let the picture do the talking:
THAT is not a ball.
THAT is a handfull of GOOP.

In the interest of full disclosure I had one friend that they worked fine for and another that found them to be a little dry.  I have no idea what happened to mine!  Totally NAILED IT though!

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