Coast to Coast 2012: Disney: Just the Pictures


I am suffering from a major vacation hangover/ post-trip letdown.

I've been checked out from reality for the past month.  Coming back sucks.  Hard.  We're all still on California time (seriously.  I got home from grocery shopping at 11:00 last night.  I'm hardly ever even so much as awake at 11:00 p.m.  #oldfolks).  I've been dragging.  The kids have been dragging.  Last week we were splashing around in the Pacific and eating Mexican food and fraternizing with Mickey and his friends.  This week we can't even so much as watch Nickelodeon because DirecTV is a douchebag.  Sigh.

I wanna go back.  There's too much laundry here.  And nobody is making me breakfast.  And it's rainy and dreary.

To brighten my day a little, how about a Disney picture onslaught??

I wasn't sure how Karis would do with the rides.  Turns out - she loved them!  Even the rocking back and forth ferris wheel!

Toy Story ride was so fun!

Kyan rode Tower of Terror - he was so proud of himself!

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