Thursday Things


1) I still have more to write about from my trip but I also wanted to get back to "regular" blogging too.  I mean if I don't share all these pent up frustrations -- such as why do I have to use acne cream AND anti-wrinkle cream -- then they're all just going to build up and keep building and building and building.  Blogging is good for combatting the building.

2) I bought these Oreo mint fudge cremes.  They are SO GOOD!  They taste like thin mints with a little layer of Oreo creme.  Nom, nom.  Eddie loves thin mints and I kinda want to give him one and let him try it (he's not an Oreo freak like I am -- he throws down on the Chips Ahoy so any Oreos I buy are left for ME and only me!) but I'm afraid he'll really like them and then my cookies will be all gone.  Selfish much?

3) Karis's vocabulary has EXPLODED in the past couple weeks.  She is talking all.the.time.  Also, she's two.  Do you know what happens when you laugh at something a two year old says?  They will repeat it con-stant-ly.  Which is why we hear "eww!  Stinky butt!" at least 438284984 times a day.  She's also found of saying, "I'm will-we sad" and "I'm will-we mad" as well as "Shhh!  Be qui-net!"  I love her little voice.

4) When I'm eating something I don't want to share with my boys (#selfishmom) I tell them they can't have it because it'll make them grow boobies.  So far it works!  Parenting tip of the day!  As of right now, they are very good about it avoiding cherries, Smirnoff coolers, and Skinny Cow ice cream bars.

5) Jaidan starts school in 25 days.  Z in 18.  But who's counting?

6) The other day I found a box that had been in my garage since we moved in.  Unopened.  Obviously, everything in it was of great importance, right?  Along with a box of envelopes, a ton of Sharpies (whatEVER did I do without my bright orange Sharpie for the past threeyears), and an array of scrapbooking scissors, I found the powerpoint presentation masquerading as a video that was shown at my ten year high school reunion a few years ago.  Jaidan and Zhariah begged to watch.  I grudgingly obliged.  Seeing the video reminded me of the following things:
     a) I'm so glad I didn't peak in high school.  I get that I'm not exactly a super model these days and all and I'm certainly not trying to imply that I am.  But me in high school?  I'm totally judging the grody old bastards that gave me the "Dirty Old Man once over."  Not just because they were giving the DOMOO to a 17-year-old child but because really?  Really, really?  I get that it was the 90's but those eyebrows were not okay, Brandi Nicole!  They were not okay at all!
    b) If I ever find out who submitted a certain picture of me that was in that video, I will kick their ass.  The end.  Amen.

7) I read the first two installments of The Sweet Life earlier this week.  If you were a Sweet Valley fan back in the day then you absolutely must read The Sweet Life (but first you have to read Sweet Valley Confidential  -- and try not to yell at Francine Pascal for all the mistakes that, hello, THE CREATOR OF SVH SHOULD BE ABLE TO PICK UP ON).  It is deliciously cheesy.  To give you some sort of idea: Lila drives a Maserati. Yeah.  That deliciously cheesy.

8) My favorite picture from our California trip:

9) I'm thinking about doing something drastic with my hair.  Like . . . cutting a few inches off!  Such a risk taker!

10) Real Talk:

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