Coast to Coast 2012: Aquia Church and Quantico


We had originally planned to go into DC again on Friday the 15th.  But our Thursday in the area completely wore us out.  There was just no way we could go back again -- especially with having to get up at the crack of dawn to make the train.  Ackkkk.  Wasn't happening.  Instead we set out for more exploring in Virginia. 

We started off at the Aquia Episcopal Church.  The church was established in 1654 and the building was beautiful!
Also, the sky?  SO BLUE!

There was a cemetery on the grounds with stones dating back to the 1700's.  I loved looking at their names on the tombstones.  I think my favorite was a man named Rowzee.  Definitely not a name you see every day!  And of the tombstones, it was kinda crazy how many of them we saw with something that would be considered morbid nowdays -- like a skull and crossbones and things of that nature.
After leaving the church - and grabbing lunch - it was on to Quantico and the National Marine Museum.  Not only was the museum free (score!) but they also had a playground on the premisis.  My sister-in-law took my nephew and both my boys to play while the rest of us checked out the museum.

Or tried to check out the museum.  A certain little girl wasn't feeling it and was, therefore, being an absolute turd.

From what I did get to see I can tell you that the displays were pretty realistic and some of them were quite graphic.  The Marines have an interesting history and, man, are they proud of it!  This museum is definitely one that will make you feel proud to be an American and leave you in awe of our Armed Forces.

After our quick walk through the museum, Alison, Karis, and I checked out the Semper Fidelis chapel before heading over to the playground to hang with the Boy Crew.

We wrapped up the day by getting stuck in traffic (on the highway!  We'd been told repeatedly to avoid I-95 and were behaving!) and then stopping for ice cream.  Karis alone polished off two kid cones from Coldstone.  Where ever did the child get her love of ice cream?

Next Up!: Arlington National Cemetery
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