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For the most part, I really like our house.  We have enough room that we're not constantly stumbling over each other (not, mind you, that I wouldn't take a little more room if it was offered to me but, you know, I understand that we could have much - MUCH - less space).  We're in a nice neighborhood.  I seriously have the closet of my dreams.  I would also be inclined to say I have the bathroom of my dreams if it weren't for the fact that whoever built this place thought it would be a good idea to CARPET it.  Yeah.  They put CARPET in a BATHROOM.  I don't get it either.  All in all, though, I love my house.

Buuuuuuut.  Much like the rest of us, she ain't getting any younger.  And much like the rest of us (and by the "rest of us" I mean ME), she could use a few improvements.  We need our roof fixed.  I'm not sure if "fixing" our fence would work; I think we need an entire new fence.  Work needs to be done on the trim around the windows, doors, and garage.  We are in may-jah need of some landscaping.  Pretty much all the carpet in this entire house could stand to be replaced.  We all know I've BEEN over the baby poop yellow walls that end up being a backdrop in all our pictures:

Actually, pretty much the whole entire house needs a good coat of paint.  And, ya'll?  I think I would offer up a child for an update to my that's so 90's kitchen.  We laid down tile in the living room, front entryway, and man cave a couple years ago.  But, other than that, there have been pretty much no improvements since the hubs bought this house 12 years ago. 

Thing is - we want to make the improvements.  In most cases, we need to make the improvements.  But a great big YIKES to the cost of the improvements.

Luckily, thanks to companies like we won't have to sell a kid or a couple of kidneys in order to pay for our oh-so-desparately needed home improvements.  We're not 100% sure that refinancing our home is the way we'll go, but it'll help us save money to go toward fixing up our home a little bit.

And I think we all know how much of a heady rush I get from saving money!

Taken right from's website: countless people are saving hundreds a month and thousands a year with a streamline refinance.  Hundreds a month and thousands a year?  That would go a long way toward home improvements!

Disclosure: This is a compensated article.  All opinions contained within are my own.
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