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I had every intention on watching - and blogging about - 16 & Pregnant last night.  I was going to do it!  But, then, well . . . the kids went to bed early (thank you sweet baby Jesus because every last one of them was actin' a foo') and it was only a little after 8:00 so I decided to sit on my back patio with a mocktail (blecchhh) and read a book.  Some things in life are so much better than watching an MTV train wreck. 

I'll share a few of those with ya right now.  Instagram style. 

PEOPLE!  I made a bundt cake and it came out perfectly.  This is SUCH A BIG DEAL.
The cake was delish, by the way, I used a cup of greek yogurt with a devil's food mix -- no eggs or oil -- and it came out soooo moist and supah yummy. 

My children and I on Mother's Day.

#realtalk, mothertruckers.  #realtalk.

This is a portion of my Mother's Day card.
Is there any statement MORE TRUE to what a mother is?
I swear . . . sometimes I think that's

We saw this little guy on our walk the other morning.
Jaidan took the picture.

"What in the?  How do I get it out of there?"

Big Brother to the rescue!

All this kid talked about for months was wanting a scooter for his birthday.
He got one so we had to test it out right away!

Storme didn't want to eat the cinnamon rolls 'cause she figured they had about 9 thousand calories each.  But it SAYS right on the package that they're calorie free!

Totally rocking my Donny & Marie shirt!

Playing at the mall
Let's talk about this for a minute.
The mall has a carousel. Up until about a year ago, it was $1 per person for anyone over the age of five.  That meant me and all three kids could ride for A BUCK.  A year ago, they changed the prices to $2 per person under the age of 12.  Assholes.
$6 isn't THAT big of a deal, I guess, but I mean, come on, it's a one minute ride and the kids have done it 234828248 times. 
ANYway.  There is also - thankfully - this little ride that cost a buck and all three kids can ride it at once (for the same dollar).  It makes me feel all thrifty and money saving and stuff.

Here's to a fabulous Wednesday! 
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