And Then He Was Four


The second night of his life, when Kyan was just over 24 hours old, his lips turned blue.  I freaked out.  Eddie freaked out.  He grabbed the baby and ran into the hospital hallway until he found a nurse.  The nurse suctioned him, his color returned, and they whisked him to the nursery so that someone (other than us parents) could keep an eye on him at all times during the night.  I was suffeciently freaked out.  What was wrong with my baby?  Would this happen again?  Was it something serious?

The doctor came in early the next morning and reassured us.  It wasn't anything respiratory.  Probably wasn't even a big deal at all.  The problem?  Kyan wouldn't poop.  I still have no idea as to why that caused his lips to turn blue, but it did and he had to be sunctioned regularly in order to avoid it happening again.  He ended up "going" later that afternoon.  All over my yoga pants.  This is a story that will be told for years and years to come -- maybe even at Kyan's wedding rehearsal dinner, provided he's not marrying someone who comes from a pretentious family or marrying into a family who uses "bowel movement" instead of "poop" -- to prove that Kyan has been full of it since the day he came into this world.

He didn't make things easy on us when he was just a day old.  And "easy" is the last word people would think of describe the past four years with our little guy.  But they would call him funny and affectionate, charming and an old soul.  He's our Rooster, so named because of the early morning wake up calls he's been giving us since, well, since birth.  When he was an infant he didn't want anyone but me to hold him and, to this day, he's still the ultimate Mama's Boy.  But over the years he's grown from a clingy little koala baby to a fiercely independent, my-way-or-the-highway, extremely outgoing little boy. 

I feel so blessed - so, so blessed - to be his Mama, that he is mine, that four years ago today he came into OUR family.  I'm not going to tell you that I can't believe he's four.  Believe me -- I can.  I've felt everyone of those four years and have the bags under my eyes and the gray in my hair to prove it.  He is one of my biggest blessings, one of my favorite people in the world, and I love him more than he'll ever know. 

Happy Birthday Kyan Alexander!

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