It Happened This Week


Kyan turns four this Wednesday.  Every morning this week he's come downstairs and yelled, "Surprise!  Three more days!"  Before he goes to bed at night he tells me, "When I wake up in the morning it'll be just TWO more days."  He got a Scooby Doo birthday card from his MawMaw in the mail yesterday and he is just so proud of that card.  One of the first things he asked me this morning was where his card was.  Birthdays are so fun - and such a big deal! - when you're turning four.  Not so much when you're turning 32 . . .

Here's a little look at our week:

Sunday 4/29:
Karis looks pissed and Kyan is a little -- blurry and therefore evil-looking - but there are far too few pictures of the kids with Daddy!

Monday 4/30:

Tuesday 5/1:
When Eddie is working nights - and home during the day - I'll leave Jaidan at the house with him while Kyan, Karis, and I go for a walk.  It just . . . makes things easier on me.  But when Eddie works days I can't do that and J goes with us.  This week he insisted on stopping at this spot and taking pictures. 

Wednesday 5/2:

Thursday 5/3:
I LOVE this little Elmo hat!  It's made by Coppertone and provides crazy high sun protection (important for us dark headed girls who have a potential to end up with a sun-burned scalp that turns into a peeling scalp that looks like icky dandruff) and it matches her cute little red "bayging soup."  Yeah.  She wasn't have it.  Turd.
I suppose this is what I get for rolling my eyes at virtually every single outfit my mother picked out for me from the time I turned five or so.

Friday 5/4:
Yeah.  I have two Avenger-crazed little boys.

Saturday 5/5:

That was our week!  This next one should be really great -- birthday and Mother's Day and all the other things that make May such a great month.  Have a good one!
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