Thursday Things


1) Storme's Dirty Thirty was last Friday night.  A few pictures:

How cute was her cake?

Me and the Birfday Girl
One of us got the Family Boobs.  One of us did not.  *Sigh*

2) There are a variety of reasons I will never have a fashion blog.  The number one reason being that I spend most days in yoga pants, tank tops, and sports bras.  But the number two reason is that I am one Cheap Bitch.  This is the outfit I wore to Storme's party, Fashion Blog Style ('cept, of course, I do not have Big Girl Camera and a tripod with which to take pictures of myself trying to look all serious and fashion model-y):

Top: I'mtoolazytolookatthebrand, Sears, $7, end of summer last year
Pants: The Limited brand*, yard sale, $2
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, My friend Mo, $FREE
*I also feel the need to point out that should go to The Limited and buy a pair of their "Drew fit" pants because those bad boys are the bombDOTcom.  I love them. 

3) My neighbor brought over some tomatoes about a week and a half ago.  We're not tomato people and we had this big bag of them.  Soooo . . . I decided to make spaghetti sauce to go with last night's dinner.  Make it.  FROM SCRATCH.  WITH FRESH TOMATOES.  The next time I have this sort of idea will someone please remind me that I am not an Italian grandmother?  Kthanks.

The sauce was good. So good.  But the process.  Lard. 

4) We bought Karis a La La Loopsy doll and a Rapunzel doll and a Disney Princess dress for her birthday.  Want to know her favorite toys to play with these days?  Dinosaurs!  I did not get a girl.  I just got another boy that I can dress in pink and have it be socially acceptable.

5) This is the first summer in a few years that I'm not going to Vegas.  I thought I was okay with that but now I have a sad.  I can't believe I'm not going!  It would be nice if the airlines would ease on up a little on the prices to fly to the west coast.  It's just not feasible for me to pay $500 to fly out there for a weekend AND have to pay for hotel, food, and all that stuff.  I'm gonna go into a corner to cry now . . . 

6) I (try to) get up early every morning and get in a workout on my bike before the kids wake up.  Got up last Thursday morning, hopped on the bike, started peddeling, and realized one of the kids (read: KARIS) had been playing on it and put the resistence on the highest setting.

I cannot do the highest setting.  No thank you very much.

I put it back down to my normal setting and - nothin' happening.  It was stuck on the highest.  Holy frustration, Batman!  I scrapped my workout that morning and got to Googling.  I found an article that said the motor could be out.  I wanted to cry.  I NEED MY BIKE!  

Then.  A couple days later, Karis messed with it again and . . . somehow fixed the resistence!  I have no idea what she did but I'm thankful she did it.

7) I've decided something: I want to bring the scrunchie back.  I read an article the other day about how Hillary Clinton still uses scrunchies (total sidenote: kinda sad that it's 2012 and we still fixate on "fashion" when it comes to women in politics) and I decided that if one of the most powerful women in the world can rock a scrunchie then I can too!  I wore one on my walk yesterday -- partly because I couldn't find any regular pony tail holders.  And you know what?  That thing held my hair BETTER.  I'm so glad I held on to that bit of 90's nostalgia.

8) It's NFL draft weekend!  I'm [much] more a college football fan than NFL fan.  But I love the draft because it's like it brings the best of the two together.  On the other hand, it kind of sucks because it's like you can VISUALIZE these going from "for love of the game" to multi-millionaires.  Sigh.

9) Did anybody read the article about Octomom that came out yesterday?  Like, this woman lives in squalor and is receiving food stamps but spent $600 TO HAVE HER HAIR DONE.  What the?  I mean, I think we all knew this woman was well past "mentally unstable" when she had 14 kids via artificial insemination.  But, really?  Really, really?  I wish the doctor who agreed to inseminate her would be held liable for the well-being of these kids . . .

10) Finally:
Do you think maybe they could just come do my laundry?  Or watch my kids for a couple hours so I can get a nap?  Work out for me?  Please? Anybody?

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