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Whenever the weather is nice, I put Kyan and Karis into our double stroller and walk about 3.5 miles through our neighborhood.  When Eddie is working days I have to take Jaidan with us and then nothing I'm going to write in the remainder of this paragraph happens because THE KID NEVER EVER STOPS TALKING.  Ever.  Anyhow, when it's just me and Kyan and Karis, they usually just sit back and enjoy the ride.  (Though sometimes Kyan decides to tell me stories.  They usually go like this.  "Once upon a time there was somebody.  Do you know who, Mommy?  No!  A MONSTER.  And he was going to climb a tower to get somebody.  Do you know who, Mommy?  No, Not Rapunzel!  It was Chick Hicks!  Then three somebodies came to the rescue.  Do you know who?  Superman and Batman and Ironman and Spiderman!  It was four somebodies!  The end!")  On the ocassions when they're just chilling, I have the quiet time to compose blog posts in my head.  Wonderful, fabulous, witty blog posts.  I compose several paragraphs in my head and tell myself to be sure to remember so I can write it all down later.

Then later rolls around and I finally have all the kids put to bed and the toys put away and the dishes washed and the laundry folded and I sit down to my computer and . . . nothing comes out.  This happens to me pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Which is why you get this.  A blog post full of Instagrams.

I am finally reading this!  I'm several chapters in and really love it.
I just finished Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner.  I swear, I love everything that woman writes.  Next up on deck is Something Borrowed.  I liked the movie but I really kinda hated the message to it.  Let's see what happens with the book.

I'm not the only one who likes to read!

I caught her watching TV like this the other day ...

This has become a nightly tradition in our house.
After baths and teeth brushing and all that, Kyan and Karis ask to watch some Dora movie on Netflix.  Jaidan complains and throws a fit and says something about "baby shows." I turn Dora on and Kyan is out cold in five minutes. 

Gah!  He's too handsome for his own good.

The Kykers is very into super heros these days.  A couple weeks ago, he spent the entire day being Iron Man.  That means he even went on our walk dressed as Iron Man.  Complete with green flip flops!

Kyan "borrowed" a crown from Rapunzel to name me "Princess of the World!"


This was taken on Kare Bear's birthday.  Apparently, it was a reenactment of what I looked like with Karis in my belly. 

This was one of the balloons in the bag of "assorted balloons" I bought at Dollar Tree for Karis's birthday.  Yeah, assorted.  Hmmm.

Love this chick.  A lot.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

P.S.  Probably no 16 & Pregnant recap tomorrow.  My brother and his family will be rolling through this way on their way back home and, unless they get here super late, I'll be chilling with my fam rather than listening to whiney teenagers.
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