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I went to bed at 11:30 last night which is pretty late for me (#oldperson).  I told Eddie I wasn't going to get up to work out this morning since it was "so late."  Ha!  Karis was up a little after 5:00 with no intentions of merely climbing into my bed, snuggling up, and going back to sleep.  I got up to rock her -- trying to remind myself that the times I actually get to rock this busy 2-year-old are few and far between and I should savour the moment.  Yeah.  Didn't work.  I'm sure by the time these children are all in their teens and have stank attitudes and body odor and make bigger messes, I'll wish I had savored more rocking them to sleep as toddlers.  But, in the right now, I was just irritated to have my precious, precious sleep interrupted.  Particulary on my day to sleep in!  Of course, by the time she fell asleep I was wide awake and decided to go ahead and do my workout.

Now it's not even 8:00 and I'm ready for a nap.

(Probably) not going to happen today, though, because . . . my brother and his family left Virginia early this morning and are Memphis bound!  Actually, they're further south bound but with a stop over in Memphis.  We haven't seen them in nearly a year so we're pretty excited.  The boys are literally bouncing off the walls -- they can't wait to see their cousin. 

Anyway.  There is still a kitchen floor to be mopped and an upstairs to be vacuumed so let's get this show on the road.  

A look at our week -

Sunday 4/8:
I feel the need to point out that 90% of the time I let my boys pick out their own clothes.  So that explains the mismatching and the too small.  And it also explains something you'll see later on . . .

Monday 4/9:

Tuesday 4/10:
Can we talk about grocery shopping for a quick minute here?
I go every other week to do our "big" shopping and buy mostly healthy foods.  Seriously, the unhealthiest thing I'll buy will be a box of Who Nu cookies.  Perhaps some low fat graham crackers.
Approxomately one week after I do "big" shopping, Eddie decides to go pick up "just a few" snacks.  He comes home with Chips Ahoy cookies and bags of Butterfinger bars and last night be brought home a 12-pack of COKE! 

Wednesday 4/11:

Thursday 4/12:
Yeah, totally one of those days where I only took, like, one picture

Friday 4/13:
Remember what I said about letting my kids pick their own clothes?

Saturday 4/14:

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