So Very Pinteresting


People!  I did not log on to Pinterest for a total of 40 days and 40 nights.  This is amazing!  Of course, I've been a pinning fool since Sunday and I've already tried a few of the things I pinned.  Figures.  I really think giving up Pinterest was more difficult than the year I gave up chocolate. 

Now that I'm back to pinning away, it's time to bring back So Very Pinteresting!  So here are a couple recipes I tried this week as well as a few I tried before Lent but forgot to SVP for ya.

By the way, they're all food.  Who's surprised?

Yummies: Sweets:

Slutty Brownies: They're oh so easy and more than a little bit filthy.  COME ON.  Who wouldn't want to try a brownie recipe with "slutty" in the title.  I actually made these to take to New Orleans with me back in February.  They were sooooo good and a hit with my girlfriends as well!  They were way too easy to make too.  The only thing: it takes way longer than the baking time in the instructions.  I'm pretty sure I baked mine for at least an hour before they were done!  But they were still moist and perfect.

Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies: Confession: after I made these the first time, I made them every day for, like, an entire week!  They are so good.  And so easy.  Unfortunately, while my stomach appreciated them my scale did not.  Chocolate Lave Cookies have been relegated to special ocassion only food.  Maybe in my next life I'll have a speedier metabolism.

Vitatop Muffin Knock Offs: I was way excited about these.  I have been wanting to try Vitatops since I first started receiving Hungry Girl newsletters a million years ago.  I just refuse to pay $8923892 for a box of, like, three and a half muffins.  Unfortunately, these were pretty disappointing.  I let the kids each try one not long after I pulled the first batch out of the oven.  Karis actually ate all of hers.  Kyan took one nibble and would go no further.  Jaidan - my human garbage disposal - took one bite and proclaimed it, "yucky."  He wasn't too far off.  The second batch I made, I used far less dough.  There was a bite of chocolate chip in every bite so they were better.  Still nothing to write home about though.  Oh!  And there is no way to make 24 full sized muffins with this batter.  I got 17 and the last five were more the size of muffin tops.  You might be able to get 24 that are muffin top size but you're not getting 24 full sized muffins by any means.

Kid Food:

Fruit Leather: Make these.  Seriously.  Go make them.  Now.  They are easy (you literally mix a large jar of apple sauce with a packet of jello -- I used unsweetened apple sauce and sugar free strawberry banana jello).  They are good.  My kids LOVE them!  I was able to get more than 30 fruit roll ups out of that one jar of apple sauce and one packet of jello -- so for about $3 I got 30 roll ups!  When was the last time you could buy that many fruit roll ups for that price?  Plus: they taste BETTER.  Belive it.
This is going to be a weekly thing in our house!

I'll leave you with this little gem from this week.  Probably the realest of any "real talk" I've run across!

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