It Happened This Week


I set up a new Blu-Ray player in the boys' room yesterday.  Then I downloaded the LG remote app to my phone and can now control the Blu-Ray WITH MY PHONE.  Technology is so crazy.  A couple weeks ago, some friends and I were discussing how we have all given our old smart phones to our children (and we wonder why they're assholes!) meanwhile most of us were born into houses that still had rotary phones.  And our teen years were spent wandering from room to room trying to a better signal on the cordless.  And the only "mobile" phones we had were the bag kind that could plug into your car cigarette lighter.  Again -- technology is so crazy.

Anyway.  A look at our week:

Sunday 2/26:

Monday 2/27:

Tuesday 2/28:

Wednesday 2/29:

Thursday 3/1:
Jaidan got that Diego car for Christmas the year he was one.  I can't belive the wheels haven't fallen off it yet.

Friday 3/2:

Saturday 3/3:

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