I was looking for some pictures the other day . . . pictures I just knew were on my extra drive on my computer.  I couldn't find them so I tried logging into an old Snapfish account.  I hadn't used the account in nearly six years.  I had no idea if it still existed or if I could even remember the password.  I held my breath, crossed my fingers, and SUCCESS!  I actually remembered the password (a huge accomplishment considering it's been six years and three kids since I accessed it) and all the pics . . . they were there!

I just have to share some of these blasts from the past.  Check out all the 90's "fashion" in these babies!

I miss the 90's.  I do.
Guess sweatshirt with SHORTS.  You know you did it too.

My mom will probably kill me for posting this one but . . . she'll get over it ;)
GREEN shorts!  Those shorts were GREEN.  And my t-shirt was tucked in and then "poofed" out.

Ahhhh . . . the denim dress.  I'm pretty sure I wore this one with my Doc Marten knock off sandals.  Also, I wish I still had that dress!  It was comfy!

Not the best picture but check out the straw purse.  Remember those?  In fairness, I'm pretty sure this was from the early 00's and not the 90's.  But close enough.
On a side note, I absolutely loved that outfit and wish I could have that tummy back.

Another one that's not 90's but check out my dad's socks!  Holy 1980's, Batman!

A vest over a bodysuit!
If you were a 90's teen, you KNOW you rocked this outfit!

No Fear shirts.  And, oh, those sunglasses!

Denim shirt!

This shirt was one of those with a ruffled color and the bell sleeves.  Oh, and check out the Tasmanian Devil Christmas pin on the collar! I so rocked the 90's! 

Okay, now I want to go listen to some Alanis while searching for my Doc Martens and green cordurory overalls . . . 
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