Thursday Things


1) Happy March!  It's the first day of Spring!  (In my head, anyway).  We haven't had much winter but I'm ready for those ocassional cold days to be completely behind us.  Plus, I also kind of love the stormy season we have here.  Don't so much love the kids being confined to the house on rainy days but I love, love, love a good night time thunderstorm.

2) I miss Pinterest. 
3) Next Tuesday is the Republican primary in Tennessee.  Which means, right now, we're getting inundated with political ads.  I saw one for Newt Gingrich the other day and my only thought was, "he's still in the race?  For real?"  I'm not registered to vote Republican so I won't be voting in this one but, mayne, I'm hoping Mitt Romney pulls it out and goes ahead and gets the nomination.  I'm sure he's just as much of an assface as all politicians and I doubt I'll vote for him in November but Rick Santorum scares the you-know-what outta me!  I like the prospective of "President Romney" much more than "President Santorum" though I have a feeling, much to chagrin of 3/4 of my Facebook feed (I'm from the super conservative south, ya'll) that we'll have another four years with the Big O.

And since we're on the subject -- this thing going around FB?
OMG, people, STOP POSTING THIS!  The summer of 2008, when a Republican was still in office, gas was OVER $4 a gallon!  How quickly we forget.

4) Some little punk brat hit Kyan at the McDonald's playground yesterday.  He is STILL talking about "the kid in the red shirt" and how he schooled him on how you're "not sposed to hit people."  I'm really proud of my kid for not hitting the jerk back.  Mainly because he's the last of my children I would expect to resolve a fight with words.  He certainly never misses an opportunity to (attempt to) body slam his brother.

Speaking of my Kykers . . . it's really amazing how much stuff he picks up just by listening to what I teach Jaybird.  Kyan does not like any kind of "learning time" at all.  I don't stress it so much with him; he's only three after all.  The other day he told me, "Mommy, I know my address" and then proceeded to rattle it off.  He's only heard Jaidan and I repeat it -- I've never practiced it with him.  He's also been telling me different addition facts.  "One plus one makes two!  Two plus three makes five!"  I don't mean to sound like an asshole when I say this but . . . it's really surprised me!  Jaidan learns a lot in the same way I do (by doing) whereas Kyan is obviously an auditory learner.  I never realized how much he picked up on just by listening.
5) Karis and I shopped 'till we dropped on Saturday.  I hit all the kiddie clothing stores looking to stock up on clearance clothes for next winter.  Oh, and guess what?  All the stuff I bought for J thinking he can wear them next year?  THEY FIT NOW.  How is my 5-year-old wearing a size eight?  I swear, I gave birth to a giant.  (Funny enough, he can still fit a 5 in shorts, provided their long enough).  I found the best deals in Gymboree, of all places.  And as I looked through all those cute clothes (okay, okay -- just some of them were cute) with price tags that were more than what I will pay for clothes for ME, I couldn't help but wonder what people who work there think.  Do they put on their judgy pants for people who'll drop $42 on a dress for a baby girl and then $32 more for the matching shoes?  Or do they reserve those judgy pants for people like me who only hit them up when they have an additional 20% off their clearance prices?  People who normally pick up all things Gymboree from yard sales and the Goodwill?  Hmm.

6) So I put back on a few pounds while I was in New Orleans.  No big surprise there.  I showed you pretty much everything I ate.  Normally when I go on these trips, it just takes coming home and eating "right" for a few days, drinking a lot of water, and I'll drop those extra pounds.  This time I came home the day before Valentines Day and ate a lot of candy.  The extra pounds have stuck around.  It's not a big deal, really, but I've started tracking my food with My Fitness Pal again to keep me accountable.  And, holy crap, does that app keep you accountable!  I find myself really thinking about every single thing I put in my mouth.  This is a good thing.

7) Jaidan is a big snacker.  I have NO idea where he gets this from.  :/  The kid is constantly wanting to rummage through the pantry or fridge and just eat something. 

I *try* to remember to keep him his very own snack container in the fridge at all times -- healthier snacks (this one has celery, carrots, avacado, grapes, sour watermelon flavored raisins, cheese, and turkey pepperoni) that he can munch on whenever.  I'm lucky that this kid likes pretty much everything but I don't know what I'm going to do when he gets older.  He's going to eat me out of house and home!  As things stand now, I have to refill his snack container every 2-3 days.  And he's FIVE!

8) I love this picture so much:
The jammies and Woody hat were both found in cleaning out my closet.  He was a very happy boy.

9) Karis has decided to make bedtime a NIGHTMARE for us.  I don't get this kid -- it's been months since we put her in a toddler bed (I'm seriously so jealous of those parents who can keep their kid in a crib until they're three!) and she's just in the past month or so making bedtime an issue.  She comes out of her room CONSTANTLY.  I wonder how many calories I burn just by taking her back up the stairs 384829432 times a night/  The kid reminds me so so so so so so much of Jaidan at that age.  It's like I'm re-living his toddler years. 

10) I die:

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