It Happened This Week


You know how the week or so before an anticipated event always seems to drag by so slowwwwwly?  One week away seems like eight weeks away and then the event is over and done in, like, two minutes.  I'm experiencing the opposite -- last week absolutely flew by.  It's already Sunday and I'm starting to freak out thinking about just how and when I'm going to get everything done.

I got a great deal accomplished Friday night by doing this:
Laying in my bed with Storme, sharing a pizza, drinking a glass of wine, and watching an SVU marathon.  I totally have priorities, ya'll.

I did (a little) better yesterday.  My bedroom is completely clean and my bathroom is very close.  I hate how cluttered both rooms tend to get and every time I get them cleaned I SWEAR that they're not going to be junked up again.  Ha!  So much for that.  I also cracked the whip on my boys yesterday and convinced them to straighten up their bedroom and pick up the toy room.  Not that either of these matter because they'll be destroyed again before noon today . . .

Anyway.  Here's a little look at our week --

Sunday 1/29:
Probably - hopefully - the only snowmen we'll see this year
It was close to 70 most of the week . . . bliss . . .

Monday 1/30:

Tuesday 1/31:
Doesn't Kykers look as excited as the rest of us concerning this year's election?  Ha!

Wednesday 2/1:

Thursday 2/2:

Friday 2/3:

Saturday 2/4:

And that was the week!

Now, today . . . today Imma go hunt me down a girl scout so I can get a box of Samoas to devour while (hopefully) Tom Brady gets his ass kicked all over Lucas Oil Stadium!  Happy Super Bowl!  GO ELI!  Team Manning!
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