Thursday Things


1) So on Friday I was talking about how I'd rather eat like an asshole for the three months that, in my mind, constitute the holidays then work my ass off in January to lose it.  In theory, I know I really do believe that.  I do.  But I've also discovered that part of the reason I hate January so much is that I spend the first part of it eating 1,200 calories a day and working out twice what I normally do.  It's been a little warmer than usual this January (until today!  Snow flurries in the forecast!) and I'm still . . . feeling the January Dooldrums.  That's what happens when you go from eating all the peppermint bark and fudge every day to eating turkey sausage and egg whites. 

2) Jaidan has his physical for kindergarten on Friday.  Kindergarten!  Not only that, but last night he opened his mouth and I noticed one of his molars looked a little funny.  I freaked out a little bit -- it almost looked like part of the tooth was gone.  Then I took a closer look and realized he's cutting his permanent molars.  I know you're probably all like "BIG DEAL, permanent teeth" but YALL.  That is my BABY.  Babies do not have permanent teeth.

Also.  He's taking on a few more chores.  He helped cook his own scrambled eggs the other morning and he's also learning how to wash dishes:

I'm not so bummed about THAT part of growing up. 

3) Speaking of babies . . . my littlest one is full of piss and vinegar.  This is what my dining area currently looks like:

All the chairs are pushed BEHIND the table.  Wanna know why?
After spending two days constantly pulling her down from the counters -- that she reached by scooting and climbing on dining room chairs, I finally wised up and moved the chairs behind the table.  So she spent all day yesterday shucking her pants and diaper and running through the house full on nakey.  Fun.

4) So about those resolutions . . .
Decorating the house -- I've hung up precisely one picture and have my mantle halfway completed.  Overacheiver here.
Organizing the house -- I cleaned out my junk drawer!  This is HUGE.  I also reorganized/ straightened all but one of my kitchen cabinets.  I've started (slowly but surely) working on my closet.  The closet is the hardest part.  I still have some shirts from high school!  I form an emotional attachment to clothes.  And I always wonder "But what if these come back in style?"  I mean, one of these days those green cordurory overalls I wore in 1997 MIGHT come back in style and what if my daughter wants a pair and I COULD HAVE just passed mine down to her only I got rid of them in a closet clean out one January? 
Losing the holiday poundage -- I'll know this week's weight loss tomorrow but I'll tell you this, I haven't had more than 1,500 calories in nearly two weeks now.  I'm LOVELY to be around, lemme tell ya. 

5) My life is really boring right now.  However.  Four weeks from today, three of my girlfriends will be in town.  And four weeks from tomorrow, we'll get up extra early and be on the road to Nola!  I see po' boys and Hurricanes and beignets and Bourbon Street in my future.

6) So Monday night, after the National Championship game, I texted my husband to let him know the score.  He responds with, "Sad" and a FROWNY FACE.  I wanted to write back with, "What are you -- a woman?"  He was only cheering for LSU because I was cheering for Alabama (Roll Tide) yet found it "sad" that they didn't even score one single teeny tiny point.  There really was no reason behind me telling you that story other than I wanted to rehash, once again, that LSU DID NOT SCORE ONE SINGLE TEENY TINY POINT.  (Sorry Jess).  I suppose I could find it in my Woo Pig Soiee heart to feel sorry for them if they were not coached by Les Miles.

7) I made these honey roasted chickpeas the other day.  Jaidan and Karis LOVED them.  Kyan, of course, would not touch them.  But the other two kids - good grief.  I kept them in this little container and Karis FINALLY managed to pull it down and get the lid off and get her grub on:

8) Speaking of Kyan and things he won't eat -- the doctor told him that since he's three he needs to eat at least three bites of the vegetables I serve him.  For lunch the other day I cut up three bites of celery, put peanut butter on them, and told him for everyone he ate I would give him an M&M.  His response?  "I don't want any M&M's."  Little turd.

9) Have I mentioned that I leave for New Orleans four weeks from tomorrow?

Happy Thursday!
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