Thursday Things


1) Holy Mother!  It's December, ya'll!  How did THAT happen?  The kids and I are continuing our 25 Days of Christmas tradition we started last year.  We're doing something Christmas-y every day for the first 25 days of December.  Today we're writing letters to Santa.  Tomorrow we'll finallly put up our tree.  The other day I told Jaidan, "I think we'll put out Christmas decorations this afternoon."  He said, "Eh.  Can we just skip all that and make sausage balls and peppermint bark and fudge instead?"  That one.  He is SO MY CHILD.

2) I love my new boots.

Both pairs of 'em.
Eddie calls them "Pocahantas boots."  Men.

3) So remember during the summer when I had the trojan virus and lost everything on my hard drive?  Long story short, most of my stuff has been restored!!!   That totally deserves three exclamation points.  I'm currently in the process of uploading ALL of my shit to snapfish and copying files over to an external hard drive.  This is the second time in a five year span that I've lost "everything" and been able to restore it (the first time was when my computer was hit my lightening and my husband - who was then just a boyfriend - was able to save the hard drive).  I feel like I'm one lucky mofo . . .

Also, I took like 1400 pictures last December.  O_o

4) I'm trying to make it a point to actually HANG or DISPLAY Christmas pictures this year.  This one is now on our mantle:

*Dies*  Look at Kyan!  Hahahahahahahaha.  I was pregnant with Karis in the pic but only about five months.  My face was so fat!  Please remind me of this picture anytime I start to make noise about cutting my hair.  Ktahnks.
5) I am about 100 pages into To Kill a Mockingbird.  I know some people absolutely love this book. I'm trying!   I'm just having such a hard time getting into it!  Maybe I'll love it in the end but, come ON Harper Lee!  Can we speed it up a little?

6) I stumbled upon the perfect place to hide Christmas gifts!  Well, honestly, we JUST took them out of the storage thingy on top of our car last night.  (Sidenote: my husband is ridiculously proud of our storage thingy [what are those really called?].  Like, we'll be going down the road and see another one and he's all 'ours looks better than that.'  Or 'I'm glad we didn't go with that one.'  It's also still on top of our car even though we've been home since Saturday and don't have another trip where we'll need the thing planned until . . . like . . . next summer).  ANYWAY.  We took them out of the storage thingy last night.  This is proof that my children are spoiled.  That's a lot of stuff and I haven't bought everything yet!

 So where to hide them?  Well.  We have an upstairs bathroom that no one uses.  I can store the presents in there and lock the door!  I realize this is bordering on being Hoarders(ish) -- especially since I already have an old baby gate, a pack and play, and a toy pirate ship that needs to be repaired 'stored' in there - but COME ON.  The door will be locked!  There's no way the kids can find their gifts.  I'm a genius.

7) I hung the stockings by the chimney with care the other day.  I took 30 seconds to run to the potty and check out what my daugther did:

8) We saw this car in Prescott, Arkansas last week:

9) Do you want to know one of the most excrutiating things on Earth?  Listening to a 3-year-old tell knock knock jokes.

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Ummmm . . . Buzz Lightyear!
Buzz Lightyear who?
Buzz Lightyear stole Woody's hat!  Hahahahahahahaha.

He even has Baby Sister in on it.

Knaw Knaw!
Who's there?
Ummmm . . . Durbersmack Daddy Ty Ty!

Shoot Me.

10) My favorite quote from my favorite Christmas movie:
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