Stink, Stank, STUNK.


We love The Grinch in our house.

It helps that one of us is married to him and the other four call him Daddy.

Seriously, not sure how it happened, but somehow I - me!  The girl who loves Christmas!  The girl who thinks July is none to early to start blasting "Jingle Bell Rock" and making peppermint bark and watching Home Alone 2 - ended up married to the Grinch.  And I gave birth to Scrooge.  Yesterday morning, at breakfast, I told Kyan "It's December!  It's Christmas!  Woooo Hoooo!"  He informed me, "I do not like December.  I do not like Christmas.  I LIKE HALLOWEEN."  Okay then.  I tried again "It's Baby Jesus' birthday!"  *Stare of Death*  "It's not MY birthday."

When I saw this craft on Pinterest I knew we had to do it.  Then since How the Grinch Stole Christmas came on earlier this week, we were able to have a Grinch-y week. Again, helps to live with the Grinch when you have a Grinchy week.

So we made this little Grinch.

Then this one.

Then we played a game of "How to Make the Grinch Grin" where the boys took turns being the Grinch while the other did silly things to make him laugh.  We made green koolaid and called it Grinch Punch.  Green Jello in clear plastic cups with Grinch faces drawn on them.


THEN.  I had A Great Idea.

See, this Elf on the Shelf thing?  I think it's a really neat thing.  I do.  I like the idea behind it.  But that damn elf is freaky looking and I don't want it starting at me all December long!  Really.  He gives me the heebie jeebies.

So in our house we now have The Magic Grinch.  He is sorta like th Elf on the Shelf.  Sorta not.

Here he is:

Can ya tell which one is the Grinch?

He watches the kids all day long and, every night, he reports to Santa on their behavior.  He is found somewhere different every morning (yesterday he was with a pile of toy ads and today in a box of ornaments) and always has a note.  In the note, he reminds them to behave, mentions a few things they really shouldn't have done the previous day, and gives them their 25 Days of Christmas activity for the day.

So far (and by so far I mean "yesterday") the boys are pretty into it.  If they start being jerk-ish I just say, "Man.  It's too bad the Grinch is going to have to tell Santa Claus about that."  Then they think over for a minute if being a jerk is worth only getting underwear from Santa (bad little boys only get tighty whities from the big guy).

On another note, I've been toying around with the idea of starting a blog solely devoted to stuff like this.  You know, so the "kid stuff" doesn't interfere with my How to be an Asshole posts and all.  And, I mean, it's not like there aren't already 8 BILLION blogs out there all about doing stuff with kids, right?  Who knows.  Still just an idea in my head right now.
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