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If you grew up in the south in the 80's then you know the greatest Christmas album ever was not recorded by Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole.  No.  It came from Alabama (the group; not the state.  Though it may have also come from the state.  I don't know).  It was titled Alabama Christmas and it was released by RCA in 1985.  And there's no other way to put it.  It's simply the best Christmas album of all timeThistlehair the Christmas Bear, Christmas in Dixie, Candle in the Window, Tennessee Christmas.  Please.  Don't try to argue with me.
Alabama is obviously top on our list of this season's soundtrack.

Here are some others that we're listening to on "repeat:"

(Warning: Youtube Overload)

Kenny & Dolly come very close to Alabama.  Very close.

Alabama and Kenny & Dolly and their Christmas albums will always remind me of my childhood.  Always.  Also Dolly's Hard Candy Christmas which was recorded for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  A fact that I did not know until I Youtubed the video and every other one was all "from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 1982."
My children do not appreciate Ray Stevens' Santa Claus is Watching You near as much as my brother and I did.

It's not all country, ya'll.  It's not Christmas without some Mariah.  Her entire album is every inch of amazing.  Another amazing one?  Vanessa Williams' Star Bright.  It was the only good thing - other than Save the Best for Last - she recorded.  Oh, oh, oh!  To complete the Diva Trio: Whitney Houston.  Preacher's Wife soundtrack.

And Jackson Five.  My boys LOVE Michael Jackson.  Or, you know, Mi-shell Jack Son.  Kyan likes to watch this video on Youtube and argue with me that they're all girls.  I think it's the voices.

Brenda Lee.  We love some Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree!

 Happy Christmas.  John and Yoko.

We LOVE This Christmas.  Chris Brown (look at me now) is a douchebag but I'll take his version please.

And this one, this one goes without saying.  It's a classic, ya'll!

Back to country?  Okay.  Alan Jackson's I Only Want You for Christmas.  Kenny Chesney with All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan and Angel at the Top of My Tree. Willie Nelson on Pretty Paper,  Crystal Gayle Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and even though I'm not certain it's considered a Christmas song The Oak Ridge Boys with Thank God for Kids.  I love the video when *I* was a kid because it featured Sesame Land.  Now it makes me all emotional and ooey gooey.  (Also it makes me realize that if my kids were ever in a play area and some ZZ Top looking mofo popped up and started smiling at them, I'd probably go beyond postal).

We'll also take [almost] any version of Silver Bells, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Jingle Bells, O Holy Night (my personal favorite religious Christmas song), Silent Night, Jingle Bell Rock, Rudolph.  You know -- pretty much every "classic" Christmas song EVER recorded.  And don't judge me!  But I love Nick and Jessica's Baby It's Cold OutsideThey were no Kenny and Dolly but they owned that song.

I know I'm missing some but that's the, um, short list. 

What are YOU listening to this Christmas?
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