Thursday Things


1) My cousin and his family lost their home and everything they own in a house fire the night before Christmas Eve.  Insert every single adjective for devastating right here.  What an awful, horrible thing to happen right at Christmas.  My heart hurt for them.  Not just because they are family; but more so because I'm human.  In the hours after their tragedy, though, something amazing happened.  Their community rallied around them and were able to not only give their children a Christmas but also to assist so much in putting their lives back together.  Their local news station did a report on their story.  Watch it.  Maybe have a tissue handy, though, if the warm fuzzies just get to you the same way they get to me!

2) Santa was good to me this year!

I think it bears saying that my husband was in Vegas, at the outlet mall, a little over a week before Christmas.  There's a [very good] chance he was instructed to check out the Coach outlet . . .

I also got a crockpot from my grandmother which I may or may not have appreciated more than the purses.   And how old does THAT make me feel?

3) I really hate the month of January. Hate. It has no redeeming features. It's cold. The only holiday allows children out of school but doesn't give us so much as an excuse to barbecue. Not that we could barbecue anyway because it's too cold!  No one in my immediate family has a birthday so there's no excuse to eat cake . . . and not that we'd eat cake anyway because we're too busy chowing down on carrot sticks and celery to even EAT cake.  Also, it was 26 degrees yesterday morning when I took Jaidan to school.  January?  You suck.

4) Jaidan went back to school yesterday.  Can I offer a little word to all those of you with infants who are stuggling with being awakened multiple times during the night?  You're frustrated and wondering if life with your child will ever get any easier.  It does not.  It does not get better.  I'll go on 'head and say it: there are times when I would rather live through the hell that was Kyan's first year (didn't like anyone but me; woke up every two hours) than deal with this "get ready for school" mess.  He turns into THE slowest child on the planet while I morph into some sort of Cruella DeVil. 

How many more days till summer break?  We all got wayyy used to The Lazy during his days off for Christmas.

5) I was watching the Cosby Show the other night (holiday break habit #84982 -- 80's reruns). It was the one were Sandra and Eldon's babies were born. I noticed that the episode first aired in 1988. Which means Nelson and Winnie would be turning 25 this year. Wowza. Isn't it kind of crazy that people who were born in 1988 will be in their mid-20's this year?  Almost as crazy as people who were born in 1980 turning *gulp* 33.

6) I cooked a traditional New Year's day dinner this year. We had black eyed peas (cooked with the bone from our Christmas ham) and cabbage -- if sour kraut counts as cabbage and, in my mind, it totally does.  I also fried some potatoes and threw in some cornbread.  Let me just tell ya: I made that dinner my bitch! It was ahhhmazing.

I told Jaidan we eat the peas for good luck and the cabbage for wealth.  He tasted the kraut and told me he didn't like it "but if I eat it, I get money right?  How about I just take three more bites and you give me a dollar?" 

7) Karis and I were in Dollar Tree the other day.  The lady who checked us out told me, "she looks just like you."  I swear, we hear those words pretty much every time I take her anywhere.  I know she's going to HATE hearing that one day which is why I'm practicing really hard at my "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!"

I never know how to respond.  Are they complimenting me?  Insulting her?  I said as much to the lady: "I never know if that's a compliment to me or an insult to her."  She snorted and the look on her face clearly said, "it's an insult to her, you dumb bitch."  Thanks lady!

8) Speaking of Karis . . . she got a pair of pink boots for Christmas.  These pink boots:

She calls them her "Giddy up cowboy" boots.  City kids.  Sheesh.

9) So I swore I was going to wait a couple weeks before stepping on the scale after the food orgy that was Gluttony Fest 2012.  Yeah.  Bout that.  I weighed in Tuesday morning and I was up 12 pounds from where I was December 21st.  TWELVE!  Double digits!  I was torn between being slightly mortified (that's more than a pound a day!) and being all "I OWNED Christmas!"  Anyhow.  I figured it was [mostly] bloat (I hate that word) and thankfully I was right.  I stepped on the scale this morning and was down eight pounds from Tuesday.  So you know how people do those fad diets and they're all "I LOST 15 POUNDS IN 36 HOURS!!! AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SPEND $90234902 TO BUY THE SHIT I'M SELLING AND YOU CAN LOSE THAT MUCH TOO! Results not typical."  Yeah, all they do is going from shoveling anything edible down their piehole to not and drinking water instead of soda and maybe being slightly more active.  Sorry, folks, large amounts of weight in just a couple days is nothing more than bloat (I hate that word) and possibly a couple good poops.

10) That ^ said . . . this:
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