It Happened This Week


Now that Jaidan is in school and "first week of the year" is also synonymous with getting back into routine, not being able to sleep in, not napping in the middle of the day, yadda yadda, I feel that I can appropriately deem it: worst week of the year.  Nothing bad happened.  I mean, we're all here and healthy and my husband didn't surprise me with bringing home a puppy or anything.  But the week has just been pure BALLS.  It's been dragging a six-year-old out of bed, having to force him to do every SINGLE LITTLE THING in the mornings, cursing under my breath when I realize that it's 27 expletive expletive expletive degrees outside, fighting school traffic, etc, etc, on and on and on.

I do not like January.  I do not like it in a house.  I do not like it in a mouse.  I do not like it here or there.  I do not like it anywhere.

A little look at our week, last two pictures of 2012 and first five of 2013:

They aren't Red Solo Cups but I think Dollar Store Blue is pretty good for a redneck new year!
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