Thursday Things


1) My boy turned six yesterday!

A little girl called him last night to tell him Happy Birthday.  A different little girl than the hooch who called him a couple weeks ago.

He's SIX!  Not 16! 

He had school, of course, on his birthday so we kept the day fairly low key.  It's a tradition in our family to decorate the room of the Birthday Kid so he woke up yesterday morning to streamers and balloons.  There were birthday donuts for breakfast and then I took cupcakes up for his class at school.  We had dinner at McDonald's, his second choice as Buffalo Wild Wings was closed for remodeling.  The party is Saturday.  Jaidan is excited about it; I need prayers.  Lots and lots of 'em.

2) So, Kyan.  This kid.  He's funny without even trying to be -- probably one of the biggest differences between him and his brother.  Jaidan loves to make other people laugh and always tries to do so.  Kyan is effortlessly funny and then gets mad when you laugh about his funnies.  A couple weeks ago, I clipped a toenail for him and he told me, "now you have to eat it." Um.  Say whaaaa?  "Eat it.  It's good.  I tasted one the other day."  This kid will not eat normal kid food - he doesn't like macaroni or french fries.  He won't eat CHEESE for crying out loud!  Cheese belongs in its own little food group.  He won't even eat chicken nuggets unless you pull the skin off.  However.  HE THINKS TOENAILS TASTE GOOD?  What in the what what?

3) Who remembers the Bubba Sparxx song, circa 2006, "Ms. New Booty?" Would you judge me if I admitted singing that to my kids? Usually, during diaper changes complete with a few wittle baby booty pinches at the "booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere" part. I can't help it. I love baby booties. Anyway. My daughter now will hit a backside - any backside - and yell "Booty, booty rock where!" Please don't call CPS on me.

4) I remember when Jaidan wasn't quite two-years-old.  He started going through a phase where he took weird - usually hard plastic - objects to bed with him.  Kyan did the same sort of thing.  With Karis, she routinely picks two weird things to take with her every time we leave the house.  The other day she took an old water gun and a chip clip to Walmart with her.  We were getting ready to run to the school the afternoon and I told her we were about to go bye-bye.  She ran to the toy box we keep in the living room and kept looking through it, occasionally tossing things out and yelling, "Nope!" and "No!"  She finally surfaced with a wooden block and a Mr. Potato Head ear.  Toddlers are weird, yo.

5) Can we talk about this Alex Cross movie for a minute here? Who in their right mind thought of casting Tyler Perry to play Alex Cross?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  That character was written for Denzel (circa Training Day).  I love me some Tyler Perry but no.  No, no, no, no.  NO.

6) I SWORE I posted a wrap up of my Vegas trip on Monday but apparently it never posted.  Maybe tomorrow.  Sigh.

7) Kyan and Karis have both really taken a liking to watching Peppa Pig.  This show isn't as annoying as SOME of the kiddie shows out there (Wonderpets, anyone?  Caillou?) but it . . . irritates me.  For starters, Peppa is bossy -- and not in the endearing way that Olivia (you know, of Olivia) is bossy.  More of a Max and Ruby type of bossy.  And then there's the fact that they always - in every episode! - make a big deal out of "Daddy's big tummy."  It makes me want to scream.  And this will end my review of preschool tv.

8) Fall showed up in the midsouth over the weekend.  I'm . . . not okay . . . with this.  I'm sure I'm one of only approxomately 13 people who wasn't happy about the weather shift.  But.  Wasn't.  Not happy at all.  It's supposed to be 85 again by the weekend and you know what?  More my type of thing. 

9) Another of the birthday traditions I have with my kids is to take a picture of me and them every year on their birthday (okay, so I had an OOPS on J's fourth birthday and didn't get one of just me and him).  It's fun to look at how much we both change over the years.
Can you guess which two I was pregnant?
10) This.

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