The Time I Went to Vegas and Slept More Than a Couple Hours a Night


My flight from Salt Lake City to Vegas on Friday landed me in an aisle seat beside two girls who, I'm pretty sure, were born in the 90's.  (Not that this has anything to do with ANYthing, but one of them was wearing a pair of Gucci shoes.  They were so terrible that I couldn't help but stare and wonder what exactly she was thinking when she plucked them off the rack at TJ Maxx.  Was in the $24.99 price sticker that made her buy them?  Was she that much of a label whore that she was cool having a super ugly pair of shoes just because they were made by Gucci?)  Anyhow.  They were ratting on and on about where they were going to go that night and what they were going to wear.  "I think I'll wear that red dress but I need to borrow your gold shoes.  Or maybe I'll wear the black and silver one.  Or should I wear the blue backless?"  And all I could think about was how I could NOT wait to get to my hotel, put on my jammies, and watch Dateline with some of my favorite girls.

This was, hands down, the most chill Vegas trip.  Ever.

We ate.
We drank.
We hung out by the pool.
We tried to get naked with Harry.
We saw guys in kilts. (!!!!!  I love guys in kilts)
We just had a really great time.

Believe it or not, I only took a little over 50 pictures on this trip.  A little over 50!  People.  There are only so many pictures you can take of yourself throwing down at the buffet or laying by the pool with a cocktail. 

This trip may have been a lot different from other Vegas trips.  But I was thankful to have the time to relax and to catch up with my girls and to see guys in kilts and to advertise that I was there to get naked with Harry.
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