There's a Party in my Tummy . . . So Yummy, So Yummy


Truth: the #1 reason we congregate in Vegas (and New Orleans) every year is for the company.  We want to see each other.  We want to hang out.  We want a break from reality for a little while.  The reason we choose Vegas (and New Orleans)?  The FOOD, baby.  The food.  New Orleans beats Vegas, hands down, in the food department.  But Vegas IS the buffet capital of the world and, well, no complaints here.
Posing - and sucking it in - before throwing down on some brunch

We are fans - big fans - of the Buffet of Buffets pass.  $45 (with a player rewards card) gets you access to six different buffets during a 24 hour period.  Some years we've managed to make it to four different buffets using this pass; sometimes it's just three.  Even when it's three -- that comes out to $15 a meal for all you can eat.  Come on, now.  Can't beat that!

We started Saturday with the mimosa brunch at Paris.

I heart food.
I big pink puffy heart food.

Since it was, you know, brunch and all I started out with breakfast foods.  Then graduated onto lunch.  Then some dessert.  I looked like I was about six months pregnant when I left the buffet.  Get in my belly!

My favorites were the eggs benedict, corn beef and hash, pork roast, and CREME BRULEE.  Ermagerd.  The creme brulee was a mouthgasm.  They also served quiche (I wasn't in love with it but a friend of mine really enjoyed it), made-to-order crepes (I just couldn't stand in the long line), and had a cheese tray (oh, come to Mama).

Would you believe we weren't hungry again for SEVERAL hours?  I KNOW!

Dinner that night was at the Rio.
Please notice the BROCCOLI on my #TEAMCARBS plate.  Kthanksbye.

This buffet literally  has pretty much every type of food you can imagine.  I - obviously - stuck with American food (ya'll!  I had FOUR different types of potatoes on my plate!  And a corndog!  And buffalo wings!) but my dessert was some muy delicioso gelato.  I couldn't decide between flavors so I went with chocolate and mango.  The chocolate kicked the mango's ass but then I tried Sally's coconut and, well, it gave the chocolate a run for it's money.

Our final buffet stop was Sunday morning's brunch.  We stayed at the Flamingo and decided to give their breakfast a go.

To give you some perspective - we waited in a long line to eat at Paris on Saturday.  A long line.  There was no line at Flamingo.  Shoulda realized.

Complaint #1 - Mimosas were not included with the brunch.  You could purchase them individually -- at $4 a pop.  Or you could buy an "unlimited" amount for $10.  I went with the unlimited.  Big mistake.  It took for-freaking-ever for me to even get my first mimosa.  Then four weeks past forever to get the second.  And, yeah, that's all I had.  TWO.  I got gypped, ya'll!

Complaint #2 - The food.  It was . . . it was not good.  The breakfast-y foods were all right but everything else was either so-so or downright yuck

Complaint #3 - THERE WAS NO CHOCOLATE IN THE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN.  How?  How, how, how do you have a chocolate fountain with no chocolate?

So The Buffet Tour 2012 came to a dismal end but the Paris and Rio buffets definitely made up for the Flamingo!

Dahlia and I were the only two left Sunday night -- for our final meal.  We declared it Mexican Night (Ole!) and decided to check out the fun that is Carlos 'n Charlie's and Senor Frog's.  I have been to both in Cozumel, loved both, and was SO EXCITED.

Let's talk Carlos 'n Charlie's first.  Oh, CnC's!  You disappointed me so much!

D and I each had a margarita and those were Pretty Damn Good.  We decided to split the appetizer sampler plate (a sampler plate that had a $25 pricetag!!!) and were so, so disappointed.  The mozzarella sticks were good.  Everything else was just . . . no.  They put canned cheese sauce on their nachos, people.  CANNED CHEESE SAUCE.  I'm talking the kind of cheese you find on the nachos you buy at a junior high basketball game.  WHO DOES THAT?  So the food was bland and the atmosphere?  So not what I was expecting.  Maybe we went to early, who knows, but there wasn't a whole ton of fun going on while we were there.

On the flip side, Senor Frogs?


I was really tired - don't ask why - which was a serious shame because had I really been feeling like myself . . . oh Lard. 

Shortly after we walked in the door, the infamous Senor Frog's conga line started and we had tequila shot into our mouths.  Balloon hats were passed out.  The band was lively and the crowd was fun.  Shortly after we were seated, the tequila shots came out again.  My chair was tilted back and they shot (very weak) tequila right into my mouth.  Again: SO MUCH FUN.

We ordered chicken nachos and were delivered a HUGE ASS plate of nachos that we couldn't even begin to make a dent into.  They were much tastier than any of the slop they tried to feed us at CnC's though.  Senor Frogs won the battle of Mexican night hands down.  The food, the atmosphere, the fun. 
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