Thursday Things


1) I was watching my kids play in the backyard Tuesday afternoon, the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.  They were running and laughing and just carefree and without a worry in the world.  And it hit me that they'll never truly understand or appreciate the significance of 9/11.  They'll probably understand that it's a somber day and respect it in the way generations following Pearl Harbor have a healthy respect for December 7th.  But they will never watch an old episode of Friends and feel a lump in their throat when they see a shot of the New York skyline, complete with the Twin Towers.  They will watch Home Alone and wonder how it was possible for the family to be running so behind that they forgot a kid and still managed to catch an international flight.  They will take me to the airport in a few weeks and drop me off at the curb.  They'll never stand at the gate, noses pushed to the window, watching my plane take off.  I'm raising the first generation of post 9/11 kids and the world isn't anywhere even close to the same as it was when I was a kid.  It's not even the same as it was September 10, 2001.

2) We have our first ever parent/ teacher conference this afternoon.  Jaidan's behavior has been awesome thus far.  In fact, his teacher even stopped me Friday afternoon to tell me, basically, that Jaidan is rockin' the shit out of kindergarten.  (My words, obviously).  Today we'll get to find out where he is in all the learnin' and stuff. 

3) I have yet to find the candy corn Oreos around town.  This is unacceptable.

4) Instagram daily challenge:

9/6 - Everyday (Homework)
9/7 - Natural (My hair is naturally wavy)
9/8 - Night (Wine and football)
9/9 - Most weekends (enjoying the sunshine)

9/10 - Black and white (black coat, white snow)
9/11 - Hero (never forget)
9/12 - Together (Presh)

5) Kyan loves Halloween so, of course, he loves the Halloween aisle in every store we go into.  He couldn't resist trying on the Obama and Romney masks the other day.

I've been trying to talk him into dressing up as Obama - sans the mask - for Halloween.  Would he not be the cutest in a little suit, walking around with an "Obama '12" sign?  Yeah.  He wants to be a Power Ranger. 

6) Speaking of Ihateitwhentheyhavemindsoftheirown . . . I desparately want to throw a Halloween party for Jaidan's birthday this year.  He, however, wants a Superhero party.  WHAT ARE THESE KIDS DOING TO ME.  Can some kid just do ONE thing I want for Halloween?  Jeez.  Quit thinking for yourselves!  #sarcasm

7) Can I just say that I LOVE the fact that Parenthood is back on?  I was so afraid it would be cancelled (I believe there was some buzz that that was a possibility). 

8) My Razorbacks play Alabama this weekend.  I already don't want to talk about it.  AND I already need wine.  Lots of it.

9) Jaidan has developed a seriously uncool habit of inviting his little friend over to dinner before asking me.  Please bear in mind that I'm normally feeding six people as it is.  Adding more more -- even a small person -- is just "nuh-uh."  OMG, JAIDAN, STOP DOING THAT SHIT.


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