Thursday Things


1) And he's off!  My baby went to his very first day of kindergarten today!

He was being Jerkface McAssholio this morning (even insulted what I was wearing!) and I was all, "alright, 8:15, you can show up at anytime."  Then I dropped him off and he didn't want me to leave right away and I completely melted.  Hold me.
2) Since I devoted an entire post to it yesterday, his very first school lunch:

That's a ham and cheese sandwich, carrots and celery with hummus, cheese stick, rice krispy treat, gogurt, and a juice box.  I found out that he eats lunch at 10:10 (!!!!!!) so I'm really hoping they give the poor guy a snack today.  :/

3) I have lost  nearly four pounds in the past two(ish) weeks.  I weighed myself a day early because we're going out tonight to celebrate Jaidan's first day of school.  We let him choose anywhere he wanted to eat.  He chose Buffalo Wild Wings because, well, because he's my spawn.  Since I know Imma be an asshole with that darned southwest ranch they have, I figured I'd go ahead and weigh today.

4) POTTY TRAINING.  So.  For weeks - weeks, I tell you! - my darling daughter would scream like a banshee every time I set her on the potty.  This was the LITTLE potty, mind you.  It's not like I was sitting her on the big one.  I didn't think we were ever going to get her trained.  Seriously?  Screaming just from having to SIT there?  Heffa, please.  Luckily this week has been a different story.  I offered her an M&M for sitting on the potty on Monday and since then . . . not exactly easy street but she's done SO well.  So well!  She's going to sit when she needs to go and every time she goes she yells, "Yay Bear Bear!"  She also wants to wear panties which is a vast improvement over a couple weeks ago when she was insisting on a diaper.

Do any of you have even the slightest idea of how ecstatic I'll be when I no longer discuss potty issues on this blog?  Seriously.

5) I mentioned the other day that Jaidan and I spent a morning last week making onion rings to freeze.  We decided to give them a try earlier this week and they actually turned out pretty good!  I wasn't sure if the onions would be soggy or whatever when I tried to bake them.  But, nope, they were just about perfect.  When we were making them, I dredged each onion in flour then dipped into egg beaters and then rolled in seasoned panko.  I flash froze them for about two hours then placed them in freezer bags to deep freeze.  When we wanted to eat some, I just baked them at 350 for about ten minutes on each side.  Good stuff!

6) #photoadayaug pictures for the week:

8/2 - One
8/3 - Coin
8/4 - Somewhere I sat
8/5 - Logo

8/6 - Writing
8/7 - 8:00
8/8 - Glasses

7) Don't foget to enter my giveaway for some fun kid craft kits!

8) I kind of have a sad that the Olympics are almost over.  It's been nice all the family time we've had -- we weren't congregating to different rooms, we were watching the Olympics.  It was kind of crazy how we all got into beach volleyball of all things! 
9) I've been in full on VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS mode.  Dreaming of laying by the pools and cocktails and buffets, oh my!

Five?  They're kidding right?  ;)
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