Thursday Things


1) First week - first week! - of school and Jaidan brought home a nasty little summer cold with a sinus infection on the side. It's worked it's way through all of us and, for whatever reason, has decided to stay with me the longest.  I've had it since Sunday.  Thankfully, I no longer feel death warmed over.  Just plain old death.  I expected the kingergarten germies to descend on our house.  Just not so soon.

2) I feel like I'm missing out on something by not watching this Honey Boo Boo Child show. Am I?

3) When my brother was a kid, his teacher always complimented his good behavior. However, when he got home in the afternoons he was, like, the biggest asshole ever. My mom asked him what the deal-io was, how he could be so good at school and then turn around and be a jerkheaded assface (her words. Totally her words) at home. He told her he used up all his good at school. Apparently he taught this to his eldest nephew. Jaidan is good at school! Charming and a "delight," even! At home? I want to offer him up to gypsies or Jehovah Witnesses or republicans.

4) Eddie and I are looking for a new mattress. We're both tired of feeling about 75 years old upon waking in the mornings. We went mattress shopping the other day and discovered that you can no longer pick up a set for $500. Inflation, dudes. It's made its way into the bedroom. We, of course, each fell in love with totally different mattresses. Eddie liked a luxury one while I preferred the top of the line from a not-as-luxurious company. I told him it figures he would want the Cadillac while I preferred the Toyota.

5) It seems the further we get into the month of August, the more and more fall-themed pins make their way to Pinterest.  I don't know about you, but I LOVE looking at the fall fashion boards.  Ahhh.  Favorite:

{I can't link back to the source because it is an empty link}

Is this outfit not the cutest?  I love it!  And I think - think! - it's something I could maybe possibly actually pull it off.  Maybe.

6) This week's #photoadayaug pictures:
8/16 - Plate
8/17 - Faces
8/18 - Inside
8/19 - Hole

I took a picture for Monday (prompt was "today" and I took a pic of the mattresses we were looking at) but somehow it was no longer on my phone.  Hmph.
8/21- Cool
8/22 - Home

7) Speaking of home . . . we have a lot of repairs needed to be done.  We're replacing the roof (you can tell, from the picture, just how much this is needed!), repairing the window trim, fixing the fence, and getting a new front storm door.  It's amazing how much red tape is involved with an insurance claim.  We would like to get started yesterday but there is SO MUCH involved.  It makes my head hurt.  And makes me kindasorta wish we just rented.  :/

8) I feel like the month of August has just completely skipped me by.  I mean, seriously, it's ALREADY the 23rd?  Wasn't it just the first of, like, July?  It's crazy how fast this summer has sped right on by.

9) Unfortunately, we're already dealing with a kindergarten bully.  Sad face.  Luckily, Jaidan is the size of your average third grader so I have serious doubts that anyone will be physical with him.  But this kid, whom I've nicknamed Little Punk Ass, told my boy the other day that he was wearing "grandpa shoes."  Which, of course, meant that Jaidan refused to wear those particular shoes to school the next day.  Not only that, but according to Jaidan, Little Punk Ass punched another kid in the eye.  Yeah, you try to punch MY kid in the eye!  Little Punk Ass.


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