A Narcissist Devotes an Entire Post to her Hair


This is my dad, circa 2001:

A very goofy picture of my dad.

Notice those lines on his forehead?  I inherited them.  Thanks, Dad!  My grandmother always said if I inherited her (substantial) backside and my mother's (substantial) chest then I would be STACKED.  Yeah, instead I inherited the Oregon Trail going across my forehead.  (Credit for the Oregon Trail comment goes to my friend Rella).

Seriously.  When did my face start to age?  I feel like I spent all of my teens and 20's wishing I could look somewhere right around the age of 21.  Now I'm wondering who this old person is who TOOK OVER MY FACE.  The lines on my forehead?  Yikes. Something had to be done!
You know what's cheaper than Botox?


I haven't had bangs in at least ten years.  In fact, I spent too much time last night looking through old Snapfish albums to find pictures of me with bangs.  The most recent ones date back to HIGH SCHOOL.  (I'm almost positive, however, that I had bangs since then).  Sometime in my early 20's I realized that bangs were the reason I could only pass for about 15 and kept getting carded to get into R-rated movies.  So I grew them out and kept them that way.

Until yesterday.

I was going for Jennifer Garner:

You know, since I hear I look like her ALL THE TIME and all.  (Totes sarcasm and that also reminded me to tell you all that once upon a time, a [now ex, obviously] boyfriend told me that I looked like Ugly BettyNot America Ferrera.  Ugly Betty.  Ouch).

Yeah.  Was going for Jennifer Garner.  Ended up with this:
I also cut several inchees off the length!

Truth: Only posting this picture because I bought the outfit (dress and shoes) yesterday and I'm kind of in love with it.

I'm not in love with the hair.

I'm not even sure that I like it.  It's just so different.  I feel like a completely different person. I woke up this morning looking like I belong in an 80's hair band. I do, however, I appreciate how the bangs look when in a ponytail:

I figure, if nothing else, they'll be long enough for the cute sidesweep thing before too long.  Except I have an interestingly placed cow lick and WILL I BE ABLE TO SIDESWEEP THEM?  Time will tell.  And, besides,  they'll always grow, right?  Right.

Oh!  And my family's reaction to the hair?

Kyan: "You look funny!"
Jaidan: "Don't ever go back to that hair place again!"

*Sigh*  Thanks, kids!
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