Thursday Things


1) I finally found some shorts!  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.  I bought a pair (just like the ones pictured below) at Walmart.  It was the ONLY pair they had in my size.  I checked out another Walmart and they didn't have anymore in my size so I went online and ordered another pair.  I love them!  They're so comfortable.  I also found a pair at Old Navy but I like these even more:

Geez.  Somebody needs to clean her mirror.

This outfit is pretty much my summertime uniform.  I'm a tanktop whore.  Some sort of tank with either shorts or capris and a pair of flip flops and I am good to go.

2) Speaking of tanktops.  I put one on the other day and Jaidan informed me I looked "really young, like 20!"  That's it, people!  Run, don't walk, to your nearest Aeropostale and stock the eff up on their magical $5 tanktops that apparently take more than a decade off your age!

3) The #instamay challenge is over but I've decided to do #photoadayjune now as well.  Here are my pics from the past week:

5/31 - Sunset - that one is from Gulf Shores, 2009
6/1 - Morning
6/2 - Empty
6/3 - On my plate

6/4 - Close-up
6/5 - Sign - taken in Belize, 2004
6/6 - Hat

If you want to do #photoadayjune, you can check out the complete list over at Fat Mum Slim.

4) I'm devoting an entire paragraph to toilet paper. THIS is what my life has become. Anyway. We went up near Nashville the other day. I mentioned to Eddie that we were nearly out of TP and would need to stop and get some before we got home. Well. Since all the springtime storms the mid south is so famous for decided to wait until June to begin their descent, we got stuck in a pretty gnarly thunder boomer. We pulled over in Jackson and spent about an hour in a gas station parking lot with monsoon rains falling. I got out in said monsoons TWICE to take children to the bathroom (okay, okay. Once to take children to the bathroom. Once because I needed  an iced honeybun, a slim Jim, a bag of jalapeño Cheetos, some sweet tarts, a Coke Zero, and a Twix bar). Then it dawned on me that I could look in the gas station for toilet paper (to purchase; not to steal from their restroom. I'm not, after all, 24 anymore) and save ourselves another stop. So I got out - AGAIN - in the monsoon to go in search of one of life's basic necessities. Aaaaand I've told you this whole long story to bring up just one point: did you even KNOW that Charmin makes single rolls? They totally do! And you can buy a 4-pack for just $3.50 at your local Pilot "travel stop!" Of course, said single rolls only last for all of about 6 hours before having to change the roll. But still. I was amazed to find that Charmin - any TP company, really - actually makes single rolls.  SINGLE ROLLS, people!

5) Karis fell at the playground the other night and bit her lip.  It was bad.  Blood everywhere.  I thought for sure - just by the amount of blood - that she was going to need a stitch or two.  Thankfully, it wasn't that deep once we got her all cleaned up.  But it scared the YA-YA out of me. 

Since she also bit the inside of her lip, she's had problems eating.  She keeps telling me, "Bear Bear huuuut.  Bear Bear mouf huuuuut." Poor baby.  Her lip hurting, however, did not stop her from sneaking a cupcake yesterday!  Little heffa!
6) On the Everyday with Rachel Ray* magazine I got in the mail yesterday:

Good timing!

*Totes cannot stand Rachael Ray (and really don't even know why) but I love - LOVE - her magazine.  Plus, it was free. 

Speaking of "sights and bites" . . . actually, just speaking of "bites," if you happen to live in/ have visited D.C., northern Virginia, east Tennessee -- I'd LOVE some recommendations on where to eat. The eating is possibly the most important part of any vacation.

7) Rachael Ray's magazine isn't the only one I got a freebie subscription to recently.  I thought I had signed up for Southern Living or something slightly sophisticated but, apparently, I chose to receive OK!  I love a good trash magazine to sit by the pool with so I'm not complaining.  However.  This week's issue has Robert Pattison on the cover and it made me realize why I love the 90's so much.  In the 90's our heart throbs were actually attractive!  Come on.  Leonard DiCaprio as Jack Dawson.  Matt and Ben.  Taye Diggs.  Obvs, I'm talking late(r) 90's/ when I was an older teen here.  But, seriously, there is nothing about Robert Pattison that's remotely attractive, people.  Just because he played a made up sparkly vampire in a movie does not give him cred in the good looks.  The only seriously hottie new milenium actor I'll give you credit for is Ryan Gosling.  THAT IS IT.

8) So long as I'm on my celebrity rants let's talk about Miley Cyrus.  Homegirl is engaged and, honestly, I think it's the worst thing she's done yet as a potential role model.  I realize I'm probably going to irritate you if happen to marry young so let's set up some rules real quick: you can only argue with me if you married young and are still together after ten years of marriage.  Also, you cannot use the "but we grew up together!" argumenet with me.  I hate that argument.  It's stupid and invalid and marriage is a big deal and something you shouldn't do until you're both already grown.

Anyway.  19 is just so young!  Perhaps it wasn't in 1950's.  Maybe not even in the 1970's.  But in 2012,  I can honestly say that I hope none of my children will settle down when they're that young.  I really hope they'll finish school - and experience frat parties and all-nighters and dating around - before they ever decide to settle down.

9) My children and I have been SO LAZY this week.  Kyan has always been my Rooster -- waking me up at the crack of dawn.  Even he has been sleeping until 8:00 or later.  Of course, it's not so much bliss when Karis conks out and naps at 5:00 in the afternoon, won't wake up for ANYthing, and then when she finally does wake up an hour later is OH SO VERY AWAKE and won't settle down until well after midnight. 

10) Saw this on Pinterest yesterday.  My girlfriends and I decided a few months ago THIS is why so many of us ended up with older men.  When the men are gone, we can settle all together in a warm climate somewhere and drink wine and eat cheesecake a la the Golden Girls (I'll take chocolate cake though) and flirt with our pool boy.
Happy Thursday!
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