So Far . . .


We have . . .

- Ate a (super yummy) lunch at Loretta Lynn's Kitchen in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

- Stopped for a night in Knoxville.
- Drove through the breathtakingly beautiful Smoky Mountains -- and the equally gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.

- Had a sick baby girl.  *Sad Face*
- Crossed the border into Virginia.

- Taken hundreds of pictures.

- Visited with Uncle Booger, Aunt Jessica, and Baby Beezy.

- Saw the Stonewall Jackson shrine.
- Realized the woman working at the Stonewall Jackson shrine is a heffa with a 'tude.
- Walked through the Fredericksburg battlefield.  In the rain.

- Had (OMG, so good) milkshakes at the oldest functioning soda fountain in the USofA.

- Browsed the shops in Old Town Fredericksburg.

- Swam.  A lot.

- Realized blogging-as-we-go is a lot harder than previous thought! 
- Had a great time!

Today we have plans to cross another state line.  Tomorrow?  We're heading into to check out our nation's capital.  Can't wait!
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