Thursday Things


1) We are leaving for our Virginia/ DC/ North Carolina trip in just a couple weeks. I know my kids are too young to really "get" the significance of everything they'll see in DC. But that hasn't stopped me from trying to familiarize them with the monuments and landmarks. Each day we take a different one, talk about it, take the online tour of it, and then they do a color sheet.

Some creative license was taken with colors of the monuments.

Kyan's personal favorite is the "Washington Yo-Mama-Ment." Last week if you asked him where he was going he would've told you "Obama DC." We've worked on that a little. Now he just says he wants to see the president while we're there and Jaidan insists that he won't leave until we do a tour of the Capitol. We're not doing a tour -- but we might take him to Nashville or Little Rock one of these days if he stays insistent on seeing a capital.

2) I was grocery shopping with Karis the other day. She KEPT throwing things out of the cart because she's two and an asshole. I told her to stop and she said, "No, no Bwani!" I said, "Are you serious?" and she responded with, "I sewious, Bwani." What a turd.

3) Did you know they don't make shorts for a 32-year-old woman who no longer has firm thighs? Every single pair of shorts out there is either of the "oh nuh-uh" hoochie variety or of grandma length. All I want is a pair of shorts that says I may be on the downhill slide to middle age but I ain't dead yet!

4) My boys were being LOUD at bedtime the other night. I went to check on them and they had drug their tent up to the top bunk. They were both sitting in it, had a flashlight, and told me they were making shadow puppets and telling 'spooky' stories. I am so fiercely in love with their imaginations.

5) I've typed most of this on my iPad and I'm kinda digging it. It's easier than I thought and, hello! Autocorrect! Of course, I could publish and realize autocorrect made some seriously embarrassing error but I'll get over it. I'm thinking the iPad will make it easier to blog my trips while I'm actually eIN said trips this summer. We'll see.

6) My mom posted this to Facebook and then tagged me in it. I have no idea why considering I have no clue who that chick in green shorts with an apparent Taz obsession even IS.

7) This week's #instamay challenge photos:
5/17 - Favorite accessory
5/18 - Something that scares me - the calories in these cupcakes from Mad Lilly Cakery (Ai yi yi they were good!  The chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate covered strawberry were the best)
5/19 - Cheers to the weekend!
5/20 - Music - my summahtime jam

5/21 - WTF? - This is a pic from NOLA '11.  I'm not sure what the EFF is going on here.  Homeboy looks like he's sniffing Casey and Carly looks as though she's been overcome by the Holy Spirit.
5/22 - 11:11 AM
5/23 - Dinner! - Grilled tilapia (being mom means you get the pieced that fell apart on the grill), baked potato, lima beans, corn bread, fruit salad

8) We saw someone on a unicycle yesterday. Like riding through the suburbs. On a unicycle.

This is not an every day occurance in the suburbs of Memphis.
I'm still not sure what to think.

9) The boys and I made these cute little parachute guys yesterday.  We took them to the playground to test them out.  They had too much fun.

Just in case your looking for a summer activitiy . . .

10) Speaking of summer activities . . .
I don't know if there are words to express how much I love this picture.  It sums up the joy that is summertime AND the joy that is children all in one picture.  Love.  LOVE.

"If you're not gonna go out there, then I'm just gonna have to make you!"

11) My birthday present from Storme:
White Girl Wasted!!!

12) Have a fab Thursday!
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