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I have a little bit of a Pinterest gripe to share with ya'll.

I've noticed that one of my favorite couponing blogs often posts recipes.  They are generally things that obviously came from Pinterest -- I know these because they're things I pinned long before she ever posts "her" recipe.  In every single one of these recipe entries, she'll of course encourage everyone to pin the recipe.  Her recipe.  Not the pin she got the idea from.

Am I the only one who is bothered by this?

It seems like people think they can just throw in an "inspired by Jan at Cooking in Flip Flops*" and change the baking powder in the recipe from one teaspoon to one and a half and claim it as their own.  That's just . . . not cool.  It's like using someone else's ideas to get more clicks for your website even though the 20934209 you get in a day aren't enough.  Blah. Maybe I'm just more irritable than usual right now.

* Totally Googled Cooking in Flip Flops and if a blog of this name actually exists then, I hate to break it to it's author, but it doesn't show up on the first page of searches. 

Anyhow.  Just a few pins to share with you today.


Skinny Taste Salisbury Steak - Our dinner the night we had this totally looked like a TV dinner!

Salisbury steak with corn and mashed potatoes?  Total TV dinner!  And, holy starches, Batman!

Wee bit o'tangent here: those mashed potatoes were made from scratch.  Like, I peeled the potatoes (ick, worst part) and boiled them and mashed them by hand and added the appropro seasonings.  I did the same thing a week ago when I, once again, made home made mashed potatoes.  It's not something I always do because, hello, there are generally four kids in this house while I'm trying to cook dinner.  Anyway.  Last week, when I made the FROM SCRATCH mashed potatoes, Jaidan took it upon himself to talk to some woman at the playground and, who knows what possessed him, but he told her that I always made mashed potatoes from a box.  Thanks a lot, you little turd.

This recipe was SUCH a huge hit.  It was really good.  Jaidan and the hubs both had seconds.  It will most definitely find it's way into our permanent dinner rotation.  The only tweak I made - an accidental tweak at that - was I forgot to add beef broth to the meat mixture (you'd think I had four kids running in and out of the kitchen at the time).  Since I did that, I went ahead and used all two cups of beef broth to make the gravy and since I did that, I added just a touch more flour to the gravy.  Regardless, it turned out fantastic!  Definitely going to remake this one.

"Easiest Breakfast Ever" - Um.  Yuck.  This just was not good.  At all.  The pinned link is to a message board on MyFitnessPal.  I read through some of the comments that the "muffin" (or whatever it is) tasted to egg-y.  I only used two tablespoons of egg whites rather than a full 1/4 cup.  I also subbed blackberries for blueberries.  And it was just . . . not good.  And still too eggy!  I sprinkled some Splenda on top to try to make it edible and . . . no.  Just no.  Also, here's another Pinterest gripe from me.  The picture is misleading, ya'll!  The one I made wasn't anywhere near as large as the one in the picture I pinned:
Seriously -- that pin HAS to be the recipe doubled.  Has to be.

Black Bean Brownies - I've been wanting to make these since the summer after Kyan was born, back when Hungry Girl was my Bible.  I just never got around to it.  My friend D mentioned she made them a couple weeks ago and I was all, "I have really GOT to make those now!"  So I mixed some up yesterday.  (Total tangent here for a minute: I bought a blender a few weeks ago.  It was, like, a $40 Oster and the first time the hubs tried to make frozen drinks in it, it started smelling like smoke.  Gross.  So he took it back and got a Kitchenaid and I'm pretty sure I want to marry that Kitchenaid.  Oh man.  It is so fast!  It pureed those black beans in approxomately 2.8 seconds.  Awesome).  They taste . . . okay.  They definitely aren't the best brownies on the planet (though they do taste better with some Cool Whip and strawberries on top).  The kids, except for Z, all ate them pretty enthusiastically.  The texture reminded me of the Little Debbie fudge brownies. So maybe I just need to frost them and sprinkle 'em with nuts?  ;)
On a really good note: they were so easy to cut and ended up being some of the "prettiest" (i.e. no brownie pieces falling everywhere when I cut into them) brownies I've ever made.

I'll leave ya with this little bit of "real talk" that reminds me of one of my favorite shows of all time, Designing Women:

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