It Happened This Week with a Side of Mother's Day


I had every intention on writing a post in honor of  my mother and grandmother for today, Mother's Day.  I was going to wax poetically about the good times and the wonderful traits and habits they passed down to me.  But, I ran into Real Life and his BFF No Time and it just didn't happen.  So instead I'll just show you this embarrassing picture of my mom:

The odds of me being strangled for posting this photo are about 90%.  Therefore . . .

Let me throw in this one of her too:

And then I'll add this one of my grandma:

This is, obvs,  before she was a grandmother.  My mom is the little one in the front.

Oh, and this little three generations one:
I'm wearing a silk shirt.  Tell me the year.

And, just for the heck of it, a four generations:

Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . we're sexy and we know it

These two fabu-bu-bu ladies made me the woman I am today (yeah, you can blame them for it).  My grandmother wouldn't hesitate to swat you on the butt when you needed it (or when she thought you needed it) but she also wouldn't hesitate to, when you were in the hospital and mentioned wanting cinnamon candy, bring in fireballs, red hots, hot tamales, cinnamon bears, and those little cinnamon disks in the red wrappers.  She's even the type of grandma who'll lie to you and tell you she's looking forward to babysitting your kids!  She will do pretty much anything for the ones she loves. My mom also never hesitated to swat a butt.  And she used to lock us outside when we got on her nerves in the summertime (Relax.  This was rural Arkansas in the 80's).  She grounded me for a gangsta rap cassette when I was in middle school.  She was a mean mom and I'm thankful she was, otherwise I would've turned out to be an even BIGGER asshole.  My mother never judged me or shamed me for some of the (atrocious) decisions I've made over the years and she's always, always, always been there.  I'm so lucky to have both these ladies in my life!

Enough with all that mushy stuff.  Let's get on to this little leek at Our Week that Was.  I decided to put my pics in a collage this time around, you know spare you the pain of 20304920 pictures loading.  I'm not sure if I'll do it this way again since it tends to take away the, um, essence of some of the pictures.

Our week:
Sunday 5/6: Dudes.  Kyan and Karis are, like, in total BFF mode these days.  They play "puppies" all the time.  They're either both puppies or Kyan is the puppy and Karis yells at him, "'Mon Boy!  'Mere!"  It's totally cute.  Almost as cute as when they decide to love on each other.
Monday 5/7: I tried to take pictures of the kids for the grandmas.  Yeah.  All three of them together?  Big, fat, humongous F-A-I-L.
Tuesday 5/8: The boys got haircuts!  BEYOND needed. 
Wednesday 5/9: Happy Birthday to our Kikey Rooster Man!

Thursday 5/10: We played a game with sight words
Friday 5/11:  See?  BFF's
Saturday 5/12: Oh.Mah.Gah.  We were soooo effin' lazy  I didn't even remember to take a photo until the end of the day and it took much cajoling for any child to look up from their lazy stupor and give me half a smile.

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