Reality TV and . . . Reality


The other night, I was lying in bed minding my own business when I got a text from my friend Kira.  Kira is kinda sorta the reason I started recapping 16 & Pregnant again this season and she was not happy I skipped last week.

She even threw out a "Bitch, catch up!" at me.

So, to Kira, I offer my apologies.

Because my reality doesn't offer me much room to watch reality TV and then write about it too.  There just aren't enough hours in the day.

See, here is how my evenings usually go:

We eat dinner somewhere around 6:00.  We're generally done around 6:30.  I do "basic" kitchen clean up (rinse the plates, scoop up any dropped food) then get the kids out the door and head to the playground.  We play for a while and are home at 7:45.  I get them in the bath then do the post-bath routine of brushing teeth and lathering on lotion and undies and jammies.  Around 8:15 or so, I pop them in front of the TV or send them to bug their Daddy and do the actual kitchen clean up.  9:00 is bed time which would be nice if they actually WENT TO BED right at 9:00.  Instead, it's trips to the bathroom and "just one more hug and kiss" and then a baby who isn't really that much of baby anymore who insists on being rocked to sleep.  Before I know it, it's 9:50 and all that's left of 16 & Pregnant is the girl whining about how her babydaddy never helps her out and all she wanted was a family for her baby and now she can't even go to prom because her mom won't babysit.

Also, last night Eddie made a batch of pina coladas and went a little heavy on the Bicardi.  So it was approxomately 8.2 seconds after I laid the baby down in her bed that I was passed out in my own, drooling onto my pillow, an MTV reality show being the last thing on my mind.

I do have ads on my blog but I stand to make around, oh, $8 this year (watch, Pioneer Woman and your million dollah blog!).  In other words: I ain't being paid to do 16 & Pregnant recaps.  And as much as I enjoy writing the recap - and, okay I can admit it - I also kinda enjoy screaming in frustration at the TV - there are other things I enjoy more.  Sleep for one.  Big fan of sleep over here.

So to those of you who enjoy the recaps - my apologies.  I'm not saying there won't be anymore at all but they will be sporadic.

And to Kira, please don't beat me up.  I could probably take you anyway.  I work out.  ;)
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