Thursday Things


1) We had a good - but short - visit with my brother and his family the other day.  We tried to get a picture of all four kids together and this is the best we could do:

 For documentation purposes, here's the one we took the last time we were all together:

Karis was two for two on the stank face.  Suffice to say, she is not too happy about being the only girl grandchild.

2) Jaidan and I were going through old pictures the other day for a project I'm working on (I'll show the project next week).  We ran across a picture of me with an old boyfriend and J asked, "Does Daddy know about this?"  Hahahahaha.  Yeah, believe it or not buddy, your Mama had a life before you or Daddy ever came along!

3) I also ran across this while looking through pictures:

My aunt and uncle hosted an exchange student during my senior year of high school.  He had never been trick or treating so for Halloween that year Storme and I dressed him as a woman.  Storme was his husband and I was their baby.  Fun stuff.

4) Also involving Storme and my senior year of high school: she got us (me, her, and her stepbrother) kicked out of the movie theater for harrassing a girl who was sitting in front of us.  We made her go to the Hastings right by the movie theater and buy us each a CD so that we wouldn't tell her mom.  I chose a Spice Girls CD.  Judge me.

5) Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a free Gutzy Gear starter kit!

6) Zhariah and I both found ourselves singing along with this song on the radio the other day:

We were trying to place where we'd heard it and why we seemed to know the chorus.  Then we realized we'd heard it on the ONLY episode we watched of The X-Factor.  Huh.  How 'bout that.  Anyway.  This guy's voice is really . . . catchy.  I didn't watch the whole season of The X-Factor so I have no idea if he won, how far he got, or if he choked big time.  But, based on this song, I kinda like him.

Speaking of The X-Factor . . . Brit Brit as a judge?  Innneresting.

7) Look at the early birthday present I got from my hubby this morning:

Pardon me for a moment: !!!!!!!!!!

It's his old iPad.  He wanted one with more storage.  I don't really care that it's one he's already used because it's an iPad, ya'll! 

8) Every time I hear the song "We Are Young" it makes me feel a little . . . old codger(ish) because, the fact is, I'm almost 32 years old and I have bags under my eyes and droopy boobs and, let's face it, I'm not going to set the world on fire. 

I ran across the spoof, "We Aren't Young," the other day and it was cute enough (really think it could have been so much better though) but the fact that it's targeted to 30somethings just makes me feel . . . old.  I get it.  I'm not young.  But I'm not old either!  STOP AIMING SONGS ABOUT NOT BEING YOUNG AT ME, YOU ASSHOLES.

9) Eddie has been on a "big breakfast" kick since my brother and his fam were here the other morning.  I appreciate it and all -- I mean, he's the one who does (most of) the cooking.  But I can literally feel my arteries clogging.  Yuck.

I was getting the eggs prepared for him this morning and, in doing so, I wished for about half a second that I lived out in the country and could have my own chickens.  The amount of eggs these children can eat is insane.  Wouldn't it be nice to have my own chickens and not have to buy eggs?  Then I remembered that chickens poop and kind of stink and, yeah, I don't want chickens.  Free eggs would be great.  The chickens? Notsomuch.

10) I shall leave you with this:

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