Thursday Things


1) I am so disappointed in Bobby Petrino and this whole mess.

If you're not an Arkansas fan or don't follow college sports then allow me to give you the cliff's notes version: Bobby P., Arkansas head football coach, all around ass-kicker, turner-arounder of the program, had a motorcycle wreck a couple weeks ago.  Involved in the wreck with him was a 25-year-old blonde.

A 25-year-old blonde he is not married to.  (He is, however, married to someone else and they have four children together).

He lied to university officials and to the public about her involvement in the wreck.  It came out that not only were they having an "inappropriate relationship" BUT he got her a job at the university and had given her moo-lah.

This just goes to show that being a morally bankrupt asshole not only hurts you (and will come back to bite you in the ass) but it hurts so many other people.  His family, Razorback nation, the boys who played for him.  We were on the cusp of a possible national title run.  Now?  Who  knows.  Thanks a lot, Bobby.  Thanks.a.lot.

2) Easter.  To be completely honest, the day wasn't that great.  I was a little bummed that we didn't go visit family.  Eddie worked.  Kyan and Karis both woke up in these amazingly horrible moods.  Eddie didn't exactly insult the dinner I spent HOURS fixing but he didn't exactly compliment either and, at the end of a not-so-great day, it seemed like "everything needs more salt" was a lot worse than it actually was.

The kiddos did Easter baskets and we hunted eggs and spent the afternoon playing outside.

3) I'm not one of those people who thinks you should force potty training.  I swear.  I'm not.  However.  I am so tired. So so so so so tired of diapers.  We've been doing diapers for nearly SIX YEARS.  Ya'll.  How do the Duggars do this?  Like, really?  How do deal with 20+ years of constantly having a child in diapers? 

I digress.  I want Karis potty trained.  I want her potty trained NOW.  Unfortunately, she ain't feelin' it.  I gave her plenty to drink the other day.  Sat her on the potty for an entire episode of Dora.  Not a drop.  However.  The minute I put a diaper on her, she peed in it.  GRRRR!  I switched up tactics and put a pair of panties on her instead of a diaper.  Guess what?  Peed in them immediately.  *Stank face*

4) I finally got a new blender.  Finally!  I put it to the test this morning and made a green smoothie.  Except some little booger (named *ahem* Kyan) drank up all my almond milk so my smoothie was very, very basic.  It definitely needed the milk.  Also I think I used too many yellow/ orange fruits with my green spinach so it was more of a . . . baby poop yellow smoothie.  :/

5) You know what sucks?  Having two kids who are night owls and one who is an early bird.  *Yawn*  Kyan is up before 7:00 every morning.  Usually up before 6:30.  I've quit trying to get up earlier than him to work out.  He just lays on my bed, drinks his milk, and watches recorded episodes of Power Rangers until I'm done.

6) Speaking of sleep . . . and I sorta was . . . I've woken up the past three our four mornings with little girl feet in my face.  She is so much like Jaidan was at that age!  Jaidan was constantly climbing into my bed when he was two; now Baby Sister is doing the same.  Also,  I feel like I should add: she's been waking up in the middle of the night (and by middle of the night, I mean like 11:00) and instead of sending her back to her bed, her daddy has been putting her in the bed with me.  Which is okay until he comes to bed too and then I'm afforded an incredibly small section of matress.  This co-sleeping stuff is for the birds.

7) Last week, I was painting mine and Karis's toenails when Kyan walked in and said he wanted his done too.  The boy is three, okay?  I dug around and found a bottle of black leftover from a Halloween costume a bajillion years ago (I wouldn't have had any problem giving him hot pink but I knew my husband would freak out). 
Again - I will reiterate - the boy is three.  So tell me why a GROWN ADULT made a big deal about it when seeing his toes.  She even went as far as telling him he looked like a girl and threw in a lot of "ewwws."  Really?  REALLY?

Sometimes I really just . . . don't . . . like. . . people.
8) The boys have a new little friend.  His name is Ross which, obvs in my 1990's frame of mind makes me think of:

Also, I want to call him The Ross-a-tron

9) It is 44 degrees at my house this morning.  That is unacceptable.  It was in the mid-60's when we were at the playground yesterday evening and, with the sun going down, it felt downright chilly!  I think that's the problem with having an 80-degree March. 

10) True words.  True words:

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