It Happened This Week


(Sorta) sick baby girl in my house.  She started feeling bad yesterday afternoon -- I knew something was up when she took a three hour nap.  She NEVER does that!  She seems to be feeling a little better this morning, just really whiney.  Now I have to wait for it to run it's course through the boys as well.  Sigh.  I don't even want to think about next school year when Jaidan is sharing all the germs he picks up in kindergarten.  One definite good thing about having a kid in daycare is they tend to pick up those ickies - and build a resistence - before they ever go to school.  Anyway, Baby Girl seems to feel better this morning but she's still not 100%.  Well, she's 100% whiney.  We've been singing, "I'm whiney and I know it!  I liketo pout."

In other news -- two months from tonight we'll be on the road bound for California!  This trip is coming up so fast.  The boys bring it up at least once a day.  We're all excited.  It'll be here before we know it.

A look at our week -

Sunday 4/22:

Monday 4/23:
Kyan likes to yell "Hi!" to everyone we meet on our walk.  Yesterday, he called "hi" to an older lady and she stopped to talk to us.  He chatted with her for a while and when we went on our way she told him, "you really are a beautiful person."  Maybe I'm hormonal or something but it made me all emotional.  She didn't tell him he was cute or handsome.  She told him he was a beautiful person.  What a compliment, right?

Tuesday 4/24:

Wednesday 4/25:
Karis was not a fan of her Uncle Boog Boog but, MAN, she loved her Aunt Jessica.

Thursday 4/26:
We decided to declare Thursdays to be our picnic day.  Unfortunately, there's not really any shade in our backyard and it's already regular old hot.  I'm not sure what we're going to do when it evolves to miserable type hot.  Indoor picnic, perhaps?

Friday 4/27:

Saturday 4/28:

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