Thursday Things


1) I am so mad - SO MAD - at Peyton Manning!

Peyton!  Your wife is from Memphis!  You went to school in Knoxville!  Your family lives in New Orleans which is a heckuva lot closer to Nashville than to DENVER. 

Denver!  Denver of all places!  I offer you this: #*@& and I'll follow it up with this: ^&@*$
Related: As many of you know, I didn't like Tim Tebow before it was cool to not like Tim Tebow.  Thanks to the fact that he hails from the SEC, I have hated on him since his college days when he was crying because Florida got a good Alabama Ass Whoppin'.  What probably pisses me off the most about this whole Manning Mess is that now I'm forced to feel sorry for the guy!  Teabag came into Denver, was their Golden Boy, and now they trade him?  For a fourth round and sixth round draft pick?  So not cool, Denver.  SO NOT COOL!

2) This is the time of year I miss living in central Texas the most.  I saw on Facebook the other day that the bluebonnets are starting to bloom.  Sigh.  I miss bluebonnets!

Cute Baby in Bluebonnets Alert!

And just because:

Picture of Cute Baby with his Real Daddy that was in the same folder as the bluebonnet pic

3) You know how I mentioned last week that I was going to tackle 100-calorie cake pops?  Yeah.  Not so much.  People, please just take my word for it: don't try using the cake mix with canned pumpkin trick for cake balls.  Please.

4) Last summer when Eddie was working a million hours, his only day off was Sunday.  We got in the habit of "Sunday Fun Day" where we'd do some sort of family activity - almost always the spray park.  He's only off every other Sunday these days but we've decided to reinstate Sunday Fun Day now that the weather is so nice.  This past weekend, we took KFC to the park for a picnic dinner and them some playground playing.  It was the perfect end to a reallysupergreatandawesome weekend.

We really had a great time.  Lovin' some Sunday Fun Day.  Can't wait until we can head back to the spray park though!

5) Kyan informed me over the weekend that his PawPaw Bill (my dad) eats ice cream in Heaven with Michael Jackson*.  He also told me that Gigi (my mom) "used to be a zombie when she was eight-years-old" and asked me to ready him a "Dr. Susie" book.  Also, he's going to get tattoos when he's 90.  Just so ya know.

* My kids are OBSESSED with Michael Jackson! 
6) I watched the movie Something Borrowed for the first time the other day.  Skip to #7 if you don't want any spoilers about this movie/ book.  I HATED the  movie!  I mean, I liked it that it was funny and chick flick-ish and all that.  But I hated, hated, hated the "message" to the whole thing.  Basically, everybody cheats and it all ends up okay.  Say it with me, ya'll: WHAT THE EFF? 

I'm still TOTALLY gonna read the book.

7) I checked the stats on my blog the other day and noticed that "Pinterest" was one of the referring sites.  OMG, ya'll!  Somebody pinned something of mine and the pin was followed to my blog!  Happiest moment of my life.  (Last sentence was total sarcasm.  Well, mostly.  Mostly total?)

It's always interesting to see the top phrases people Google to find me.  It's usually several of the 16 & Pregnant couples (Izabella and Jairo are the most popular one).  But I've also been found by "men in kilts will kick your ass," "redneck ladies" (please GOD do not let that be someone looking for redneck p*rn because that's kind of what it sounds like to me), and "epic birthday cake."

8) I made this potato salad to go with dinner last night.  I LOVE potato salad.  Actually, I love potato anything.  #TeamCarbs  Potato salad is probably my favorite summertime food (except for anything grilled.  And, okay, strawberry shortcake.  Ice cream.  Fresh blueberries.  Mike's Hard Cranberry.  Snow Cones.  Mojitos).  Anyway, this recipe?  It was the shit!  It was so good and the calories were so low!  The only thing I did differently was substitute dill relish for the sweet.  And next time I probably won't use celery since I'm not really a fan.  But I WILL be making this WEEKLY this summer.

9) Things that suck: the school district here isn't doing an early registration for kindergarten this year.  *Screams*  Registration isn't until the very end of July.  Seriously?  Seriously, seriously?  School starts August 6th!  Not only that, but he has to have a "certified" state of Tennessee shot record.  What the?  He was born in Arkansas so his shot record is from, oh yeah, ARKANSAS.  I'm already just frustrated.  Partly because it feels like there's so much that goes into enrolling a kid in school (check ups and certified this and that and two forms of ID and blah, blah, kissmyassDr.KrinerKash).  And partly because registration is the same week I was planning on visiting my friend Dahlia in Connecticut.  Thank you, MCS, for taking a dump on my summer.

10) My mom sent me this the other day.  Love!
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